Monday, October 7, 2013

Step2 Sandbox

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.       -Charles Schaefer

I have mentioned before about our house being small so to explain that we have an even smaller yard would be unnecessary  We have no front yard and only a concrete slab out back. We always loved our little back patio until we had our daughter and realized that she would have no place to play.  This is our first motivation for selling our house, until then we needed a fall outdoor activity.  

After tossing around ideas my husband and I decided a sandbox would be a something fun for Abby. I started shopping around for sandboxes and to my surprise I discovered that sandboxes are kind of expensive! I guess I expected at the end of summer to find a good sale on sandboxes. This was actually not the case and being that we have such a small patio I needed something that wasn't very large and something inexpensive. 

I should mention that we are lucky enough to live near Step2 corporate and they have a nice little store that customers can go into and shop. I wanted to try Step2 for many reasons.

                     1.  I purchased step 2 toys for my nieces 13 years ago and they are still being                                  used and in good condition.                                
                     2.  The Step2 store has all the toys set up on the floor so you can see which toy                                 interest your child.                                                                                                                            3.  Step2 store has really great customer service.

Having the toys set up is unbelievably helpful, we have taken Abby there on more than one occasion too give us ideas for her birthday and Christmas.  We went last weekend and found the perfect small sandbox. It fits on our patio, it has 4 seats, holds 200 pounds of sand and included a snug fitting lid.  Also, since the Step2 store is selling its own product it was about $15 dollars less than the retail stores. We purchased our Sandbox for $29.99 and they even had a bucket/shovel set that we were able to purchase and take with us. It was so nice not to have to worry about going to another store for sand toys. We purchased the sand and went home to set it up. By set up, I mean we took the box to the patio, dumped in the sand and TA-DA  we were all set up.  Who doesn't appreciate a toy that you don't have to put together?

The Step2 play and store sandbox.

It has been so nice to be able to have something for her to play with and once we explained only 100 times that the sand belongs in the box, it has been smooth playing.  I recently started covering her feet and saying “where’s your toes” and she laughs and pulls her toes up real quick and says “Hi, toes”. I love watching her discover something new and using her imagination.

I also love that it rained really hard and the sand stayed dry.  Next summer our little sandbox will have two little girls who will play in it and I can't wait.
I will say that watching Abby shop around at the store gave me some cute ideas for Christmas! 
Climbers, kitchens and playhouses..OH MY!

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