Monday, November 11, 2013

Grocery time with my girls..

              "You only truly appreciate your parents when you become a parent yourself"
                                          -Author unkown

  I have been constantly amazed at the amount of words my two year old is learning. It feels like every time I turn around she can say 10 more words. When my daughter turned two it seemed like she had her own plan and ideas and they conflicted with mine. Most times her and I are on the same page but sometimes we aren't and that makes for some trying times. I try so hard not to laugh at her when I shouldn't but her face is so cute and serious that I can't help myself. Now that she is learning 1000 words a day (so it feels) I find my self staring in awe and thinking to myself. 

"I have the smartest two year old in the universe"

I do find that the more words she learns the easier it is to understand her when we are mis-communicating and I love this. She can tell me when it hurts and where, she can use words to let me know when she wants more juice and can pick the snack she wants. We find it amazing when she can fill in words from a favorite book or when she says someones name for the first time.

This weekend I was at the grocery store with the girls and while I was searching for the milk I heard my sweet two year old say..

"uh, oh toot?" I laughed and said..thats okay baby. Then she said.. 

"uh, oh, sissy pooped?" I replied with a " nope, sissy didn't poop" Abby replied with a hearty and kind of loud..

"buh bye, poop" (this is what she says when she is done pooping)

Out of the corner of my eye I can see this couple enjoying my conversation with my sweet girl. I can just tell they are parents by the way they are trying not to laugh. Just when I think that we have moved on from all the toot and poop talking.. I hear her toot!

" Uh, OH Mom, toot?"

She tooted and then asked if it was me, I started laughing and said.. "nope, mom didn't toot it was Abby"..

The couple that was trying not to laugh just lost it and gave in to the funny.  When I walked by them I said...
"You can't do anything because she will call you on it"

Abby always makes me laugh and I guess I should be careful when in public because if she learns more words we could be in trouble.  At least the nice couple had some free entertainment at the grocery store..

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