Monday, December 30, 2013

You & Me, My Very Own Nursery!- A Review

      2013 was the year of the baby! We had our second child and with this we noticed our first daughter really start to nurture. She became more and more interested in her sister with each diaper change or bottle. When we noticed that she was using her sisters diapers for her stuffed animals we knew it was time to for a baby doll. We also noticed that she liked to have a fresh diaper each time her animals pooped and was secretly using her sisters pamper swaddlers.  Now letting her use 1 diaper over and over was no big deal but she wouldn't accept a "used" diaper, she wanted a fresh one.  We knew with Christmas coming it was a good time to request a doll that comes with her own diapers (a money saver for us) and possibly a nursery. 

Christmas morning came and our sweet girl received this from her aunt and cousins..

You and Me, My very own nursery- A Review

Best things about the nursery
All in one nursery makes a great space saver
Has high chair attached
Pretend sink includes little storage
perfect height for our two year old
Cute monkey mobile
Come with a bottle, plate, sippy cup

Worst things about the nursery
Once again, no words on the instruction sheet and this could have used it.
You need at least 2 hours for this.
All pieces came attached and you had to trim the plastic, I found that this left very rough edges.

Our daughter loves this and once it is together it is adorable. You can use more than one doll with this nursery. The doll of course comes separately and once we convince our little one to stop throwing her pretend diapers in the trash can we should be all set. When I was cleaning up last night I noticed 2 of her sisters pampers mixed in with the pretend doll diapers and it made me smile. She will catch on eventually, when I saw her feed her doll a bottle and then put her to sleep in her new nursery I knew it was the perfect gift!

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  1. This is really cute. You should let them know about the rough edges though.