Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anatex- Six sided play cube- A Review!

  My husband and I debated over and over about what to get for our daughter that she would love for Christmas. The Kitchen and nursery were a hit but we had one more item that we really debated over.  We wanted a roller coaster table but when we saw the play cube we decided to purchase this. This company is the one that designs all the bead games that you may see in your local doctors office or library. We wanted something that would keep her attention and stand the test of time. We purchased...

The Anatex Six sided play cube

                                                                                                                                                                                                             The best thing about the cube
Multiple activities- Sliding beads, puzzle maze, alphabet, racing sliders and turning cogs.
Can sit to play
The bead roller coaster
Well made and sturdy
Can support multiple children
Fairly priced

The worse things about the cube
Didn't hold attention long
Puzzle maze was hard to use
Child has to lay flat on ground to play with some features
Wires were so close together making the bead navigation difficult to use.
The roller coaster beads didn't arrive as the picture above shows. The wires were all flat.
See picture- no up and down roller coasters..

I did contact Anatex to see if they would be willing to exchange our cube for one with the better roller coaster beads. They did respond quickly (pro) that they no longer make that and that the Amazon marketing pictures were old. While I did appreciate the response I didn't like the passing of the buck to Amazon. I feel if you sell your product online then you should be responsible for making sure your pictures are accurate. We have since returned the six sided cube and have purchased another Anatex item. I was very happy with the way the toy was structured and the quality so I had no reason to choose another manufacturer. Amazon had a simple return process and it only took two days to be received and for them to notify us of our refund. Coming via UPS on Tuesday is what we wanted originally. Our library has one and our daughter plays at it every time we are there.  This has the more fun options of rollercoasters going up and down and the legs have an added feature.

The Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table

We look forward to getting this and getting it set-up for her to play with. While this was our first choice, we felt the cube had more activities but with kids you learn that sometimes simple is better. And of course, I shall review!

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