Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guardian Meeting for the house!

Guardian has been working with Ryan homes for a long time and they have a good relationship. We were told that we would be meeting with Guardian to discuss upgraded options. The options were surround sound, piped in music, security and where to place your cable outlets. 

I had no intention of doing any more upgrades as we are maxed out and anxiously awaiting the budget tightening that naturally comes when you move to a bigger house. We met our Guardian rep and I was  honestly impressed.

Not to much of a sales pitch. Straightforward option choices and very informative.

We did 2 extra cable plugs- 1 additional in the family room because do to my Ryan Home blog research people complained that with only one option there was limited options to re-arranging the furniture. 

1 for the loft area so that we may use it for an office (my current plan) or put a television in there if our girls get older and want to use that as a rec space for themselves. 

We have also decided to go forward with the security package. I am a penny pincher to almost a fault and didn't want to do the monthly payment of $40 for the security but my husband makes a good point. He works 3rd shift and I am alone at night with our daughters. 

I was surprised when our Guardian rep told us to have the whole house wired for security that it would only be $250. This way the house is hardwired and the system put in place behind the dry wall. When we were told what not only the cost but the seemingly cheap way security is installed after building, it made our decision easier. We will have security added to the house.

I worry about the new costs and what it will feel like to have everything be more expensive but I think it is something we need and will give me piece of mind. 

We didn't get piped in sound or surround sound (husband would have loved) because it was VERY expensive but we are okay with the decision.

1 step closer - Flooring appointment here we come!

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