Thursday, August 14, 2014

SOLD and We are moving..TWICE

We have had our condo on the market for over a year and FINALLY we SOLD! We were so excited until our Realtor explained that the new owners wanted possession in under 30 days. And so we ran to look for houses. We found one we liked and put in an offer. 

                                                                          Image result for pictures of a sold sign

REJECTED - The owner was in probate and not able to sell the house so our offer was rejected.

We had sold our 2 bedroom, no  yard condo and had nowhere to go. 

Things happen for a reason, I know because my mom tells me this when I feel things are not working out. Well, she is right. That house wasn't our house, it was not meant to be. 

We stumbled upon a new neighborhood being built by Ryan Homes and finally things started looking up. Two days later we picked out our house, a lot and signed a purchase agreement. I have decided to blog our process because it is such a huge change in our life.

One of the reasons I have also decided to blog about our process is because I have really enjoyed reading everyone Else's journey. I have learned so much from all the ones who chose to share that I wanted to return the favor. 

I will say one thing, we would never have bought the house and decided to build if it wasn't for the ladies who work in the model home in our neighborhood. I am someone who values and appreciates good customer service and genuine people and this office has this in spades. I have never experienced such an amazing experience. The knowledge and kindness of the sales reps at the model has utterly impressed both my husband and I. It was a no stress, no question choice. We found our home and it was made possible by the sales reps.

I have been overly impressed time and time again and we haven't even begun to dig the proverbial hole that will be our home.

On the 18th we are doing the road map and that will show us the basics of our property line and where the house will start and end. We will also meet our project Manager who I am guessing will become a big part of our journey over the next 4 months.

Until then my husband and I have gone from our 2 bedroom condo with no yard to a 2 bedroom apartment with no yard. We are snuggled in and waiting to move to our home.

Saturday we do our flooring appointment and I am excited to pick out more items.

So far we have upgraded the elevation, the cupboards, counter tops and have chosen to put a full bathroom in the finished basement. We are also getting the gourmet island and stainless steel appliances. I could not be more excited.  My condo had a small kitchen and the apartment has a small kitchen. I love to cook (please see recipes on my blog) and can't wait to break that new kitchen in.

We are looking at the end of November for a settlement date so for now we are dwelling in our apartment. Did I mention that there is no washer and dryer so I shall take my self to a laundromat for the first time since college and do our laundry. It will take way less time to use 5 washer and dryers so I should be back in no time. 

We are building the Florence with Ryan Homes and I can't wait to show my girls their new home! 

Stay tuned, I will include the positives and the negatives and lots and lots of pictures!


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  1. Yay!!!! I am so happy for you and so glad you are going to blog this. Obvi I would be following along anyway but can't wait to on here as well!