Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda..Upgrades?

 Yesterday I went by the house and for the first time I realized I was locked out? WHAT? We had a garage door installed and that was down along with the front door being locked. It was a little disappointing because stopping by the house is one of my favorite things. It keeps me going when our apartment life gets me down. 

1 bathroom, 2 adults, 2 kids and one is determined to unroll the toilet paper every chance she gets...

I found myself wondering what changes I had missed and if there was any progress. I do know that today is Thursday and per our discussion with Mike (PM) we were projected to have our pre-drywall meeting this week. I did see Mike today (I called before coming so he was still there and left it open) and now we are talking mid to the end of next week for pre-drywall. It seems the plumbers have caused a bit of a delay. 

I could tell Mike wasn't pleased with said delay and he did say that they are trying to catch back up from this delay. When I went inside I can see that the plumbers could start working tomorrow because there was PVC pipe everywhere but no plumbing actually installed. I do know that we have what looks like an ill-placed electric meter so we could have electricity...maybe.

I started thinking about the Coulda, woulda and shoulda of the upgrades. Here are 4 that I would really like to go back in time and choose. Tell me your thoughts..

1. Crown molding on the cabinets - I think it might be pretty disappointing once I see this option. My amazing SR told me that they have all the colors and its inexpensively put up so doing it after move-in would be easy.
2. Under cabinet lighting - I know this is also a do it yourself but I would have really liked this feature installed by Ryan homes.
3. Tray ceiling in the master bedroom- I would LOVE LOVE this because it fancies up the bedroom. I have no other legitimate reason for this feature.
4. A railing instead of the capped wall- This feature was an expensive upgrade and honestly at this age my kids would probably find a way to get stuck but lends to a more open look upstairs.

What do you think? Will I regret? Do any of you have these features and want to tell me what they think, I would love to hear?

Also, our pre-drywall is coming up and I can't remember where I saw the pre-drywall check list? I have the final one but not the pre-drywall..if anyone can send the link I would appreciate it.

Until then, we are snug and snugger in our apartment waiting until we can move in to our Florence! 
(damn plumbers)

Here are some pictures: 

Pod lights installed in the kitchen

Wired for Wires

Bathtub in the wrong spot...


Concrete in the garage - Basement also has a floor but its dark and creepy right now so I didn't take a picture


View from the left side:


Today on the living room floor:


Pipes in the garage:


  1. 1. Easy to buy and install so no real biggie.
    2. I beat they charge and arm and a leg for it, and installing your own is super easy to do.
    3. I agree it is cool, but in our model they didn't have it, and I don't think I'd even miss it.
    4. I think that could be a regret. We moved our budget around a bit to get the railings with iron balusters. I figured this wasn't an easy fix so we'd shell out the money.

    The 2 items that I knew I had to have were the railings and the stone fireplace.

    But I'm sure your home will be great and I wouldn't worry over the small things.

  2. Don't second guess now! Most of the stuff you listed are things you can do later and on your own budget - and you'll save money! And some things you may not even mind or want to change after you move in.
    As for pre-drywall questions, since we had an inspector we didn't have any questions really because he went through everything. We just made sure that outlets were where we wanted them (some were missing that we had added) and that extra lighting was in place.

  3. Under cabinet lighting is super easy and cheap to do yourself.. I would imagine the cabinet crown would be too. As for the tray ceiling in the master… we have it just because it came with the upgrading sitting room configuration, but I could really care less about it. I wish we could have switched it out to be in the dining room instead because we are the only ones that ever see the master! And the capped wall is something you could change down the road if you really hate it. I am sure you could find a contractor to do it cheaper than it would have been to get it up front. I think you made the right decision on all of those upgrades! I know what you mean, though I have a couple of regrets about things we didn’t do too.

  4. We went with the railings only down stairs where most people would see. It was only $400 for that upgrade versus the $1800 for the entire upstairs. We also did a 4th bedroom, so we were loosing part of the space for the railing as it was. WE also did the crown molding, just to be sure it matched and it was less than $600. the under lighting was way too expensive and we felt we could easily do that for alot less. I'm sure your home will be beautiful. I can;t wait to see more pictures. they are pouring our foundation today so we are a few weeks behind you,

  5. We didn't do the molding on our cabinets and our neighbors did. I think both kitchens look fine. The molding is nice, but we have some vases, photos, a vintage cookie jar etc... above our cabinets and I really think it looks just as nice. I'm happy that I saved that money! We didn't do under cabinet lighting either and I do wish I had it. We'll probably hire someone to do it later. We have the tray and the railing and I like both a lot. I'm glad we did them. But again-- our neighbors have the capped wall and it looks nice too. I think you'll love your house when it's finished.

  6. I have been looking for your blog! I added it to my list and for some reason, it didn't take! Don't worry about regrets! My ONLY regret was not getting the family room expansion and garage expansion, but I don't lose a wink of sleep over it. After much research (ok, Internet stalking haha) everything you mentioned is so easily done afterwards. And all the things I wished I woulda done (oh and there was a list!) I could care less about as I get more settled in. Really, just about anything can be done after you close!