Thursday, October 30, 2014

15 days and counting down and parking on rocks until spring!


    There have been changes to the house both big and small. I guess to use every thing is progress but maybe most people wouldn't see many changes. I will say that being locked out of the house really presents a challenge and can be mildly frustrated for those of us who like to stop by daily.

Lucky for me I have my favorite and best sales rep Michelle who takes me to the house when I need to go and I really appreciate that she goes with me. Tuesday we popped by and walked the house. The details weren't as big as the last post with my pretty kitchen, this time the devil was in the details.

Here are the plugs that I was going to ask Mike (PM) to fix because they were upside down. I went room to room and noticed that at least one plug was upside down and thought it was funny that it happened in every room. I said to Michelle "I will have to let Mike know about these upside down plugs, easy fix right?" She then let me know that they were upside down intentionally to let us know what lamp works on the switch.  I laughed because that is pretty smart and I don't have to wonder around the room plugging things in and flicking switches.

Another change I noticed was our Guardian key pad was installed.

Girls closet shelves are in . I actually plan to change the closet to be a little better use of space.  I found the picture on the right on Pinterest and  plant to make this my winter project. I will get the canvas bins to put in the shelves and create a better flow. I find the closets in the secondary bedrooms to be a bit small in the Florence as well as the closets to  small.

89May Challenge: Project

Sinks and vanities in all the bathrooms have been installed as well as a few of the toilets. I did not take a great pictures of the toilets but my husband swears he has never seen a smaller tank on a toilet. Anyone who wants to add their opinion about the toilet so I can tell my would be appreciated.


Things I can't really take a picture of is the finished paint job, the baseboards that are in and the doors have been painted and attached. We still have no door knobs but they are working on that this week. We will be taking some out of town family to the house this Saturday and I have not seen the house since Tuesday. We can't wait to show family our house and to hopefully see some changes. 

I have set up all the utilities and feel as prepared as I can until I can start packing. I know this to be true, having our family be able to see the house is exciting and celebrating a wedding is just as exciting. Any advice with 14 days to go??

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  1. Hi there! No advice as you are closer to the finish line than we are...but I am loving it! I never would have thought the placement of the outlets were purposely placed that way...what a great indicator! The toilet debate: being in a 700 sq. ft apartment has made my normal small. I am not sure my baseline is adequate for you both! LOL I can't wait to see your pics and updates from your next visit! I am sure your family will LOVE it as well!

  2. Everything looks great! The light switch thing is pretty smart! Our PM let us know about that little feature during our pre-settlement!

  3. That light switch idea is brilliant! I always have to play flip-the-switch to figure it all out. Love the closet idea. It's so cute. congrats to almost being done!