Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pre-drywall, Project manager love and a pushed back date!


    Well we had our pre-drywall and it went really well. We did see some things that need to be worked on but our PM Mike has already taken care of them as of this morning so the changes were quick and easy. I came with my list of questions that were a mix of my own and the pre-drywall list that is floating around the blog world. My PM asked for a copy of my list and I was happy to oblige. I think he was very curious as to where my questions were coming from..

In our previous home (condo) we were able to hear everything. Every toilet flush, foot step or someone rolling over in bed. We could hear the neighbors and their toilets and sinks and banging of cabinets. To say our condo was not well built is an understatement. This is what had me asking Mike about the below listed questions.

1. Will I be able to hear the toilet flush from one floor to the next?
2. The bedroom that backs up to our master bathroom, if we flush the toilet at night will it wake a child?
3. Will I be able to hear people walking on the floors?

During our meeting Mike answered honestly that he really didn't know these answers. Today Mike called me and asked if I wanted to come to a Florence that was ready to close..and test out my questions? I was so touched that he cared and literally put thought into how to answer these questions. I went on my lunch and stood in the bedrooms and here is the answer. Once again, amazing service from Ryan homes.

1. No, you can't hear the toilet flush from one floor to the next.
2. Yes, you can hear the water running (bath) and toilet flush..but its so quiet that it won't disturb was like a low, low sound.
3. Yes, you can hear people walking up stairs but its very soft and only when they stomp. Mike was nice enough to stomp so I could actually tell he was walking.

That is so AWESOME..My PM kicks some serious butt. That was truly very thoughtful and much appreciated. 

It was also nice to see a house that was finished but wasn't the over-decorated model. It was a reality and the house looked beautiful and it made my excitement return in full.

Here is the one issue: Mike did tell us our completion date is back to the end of November and that it would be the last weekend. I let him know that is Thanksgiving weekend and we would really love to be in our house for the holiday. To be fair, this was our our original date but it got moved to the first week of November when they were digging. Now with 3 delays from sub-contractors (drywall, finishers and plumbers) we are back to the end of November. To be honest, I was having a tough week and this didn't help and I just really really want to be in our house for Thanksgiving. Instead of having people over we will be moving on the Holiday weekend. I guess the positive is that we will have good Black Friday sales in case we need anything. The negative is good luck to us finding help to move...Turkey waits for no one.

Drywall was hung the day after our meeting and the stone was supposed to go up on Friday but it still isn't hung. On our list of things that needed to be fixed it was completed not 12 hours later. 

Thank you Mike for thinking of us the next day and for answering all of our questions.

Basement bathroom


Recessed lights in the kitchen


We had 3 spots where this was torn and has already been mended..


Look, Gas lines have been marked

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