Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What will I cook in my new kitchen?

    Well this is picture of what our kitchen will eventually look like. The style not the colors and not the wood floors. We did not upgrade to wood floors and hopefully we will finally decide on a refrigerator. Isn't this beautiful? I can't wait to actually be able to cook in this kitchen and have more than 1 cubic foot of space for preparation. I really enjoy cooking but honestly the apartment that we are in is cramped and the kitchen isn't inspiring me to cook anything more than it takes to prep in the previously mentioned 1 cubic foot of space.

We did upgrade to the island and we will be having Espresso cabinets with the level 2 counters. It isn't granite but it will look like granite and I am fine with that. Seeing this kitchen has me thinking, what will I cook in my new Ryan Home Florence kitchen?

Our projected finish date is the first week of November and hopefully at our pre-drywall next week we will get a more firm date. This means that technically I could cook Thanksgiving dinner but I won't set my sights that high. Instead I will settle for something for my and my husband and the girls or hopefully something for our family that will help us move (Please and Thank you)

The first night we can break in the kitchen I think I will make one of two dinners. I guess my choice will depend on how much I unpacked and the weather outside.

1. My award winning Sausage Corn Chowder (I won the soup cook off at work, still counts as a award winning)

I can use the crock pot, it will make the kitchen smell good and could feed a lot of people that may or may not be helping us move (Please and there will be Soup involved)

2. My second option is labor intensive and will use all of my new kitchen space and goodies. This recipe is one of my most requested and I haven't made it in awhile so its about time for some

Pollo Fundido Chimichangas. Who doesn't love LOVE Mexican food?

Also, this can feed a crowd as well and so any possible movers who don't love soup..NO Fear. I can also whip up some Mexican food..YUMMY.

Whatever I decide to make (I am sure this will change in the next 30-45 days (Per our PM) I know that I will finally be in our new home and able to have more than 2 people over at a time. I can't wait to have space to cook and not feel squished in the kitchen. 

I can't wait to stand with my 3 year old at the Gourmet island and make cookies for Christmas or finally have a place to put a big Christmas tree. I can't wait to put our new dining room table in the family room and sit at an actual table to eat instead of wooden TV trays.

My Sister's birthday is today and this weekend we will be celebrating her birthday. I will be making my Black Bean Chicken Tacos  these are easy and seriously delicious.

Happy Birthday to my sister, I can't wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend!

For those of you still building and those of you who are about to close on your new houses..What will you make in your new kitchens?

Fall is coming so those of you moving in time for Halloween, How will you decorate?


  1. It;s so funny that you posted this. My wife and I were just talking about what the first thing we were going to cook. Our old house, and my Mother in-law's kitchen really isn't big enough for two people to work. I'm thinking something Mexican. I love Mexican food, so i'll probably make enchiladas.

    BTW, those pictures you posted are really making me hungry. Please post some recipes,

    1. Frank, If you click on the recipe title you can get the recipe for all 3 of the ones I posted. I also have a recipe section on my blog where you can find all of my recipes. Also, stay tuned because I have some yummy stuff coming up for fall! I am a fool for Mexican food..

  2. I agree with Frank! I instantly got hungry looking at your pictures! Thanks for the recipes too...there is nothing better than a great crock-pot feed!
    I have been thinking about what to cook for our first meal as well. I love to try things and my mind tells me that once I have a bigger kitchen, I will finally become a 'real' cook!

  3. Congrats, you made the Ryan Homes Facebook blog of the month. That also looks delicious. When Ryan finishes our home, which at the abysmal snail's pace they are moving at will probably be 2015, we'll have to make it!

  4. Your kitchen looks so beautiful. I'm working on my kitchen one thing at a time but it's getting there. Both dinners sounded so good too!

  5. The kitchen looks amazing and the food looks really yummy!

  6. Sausage corn chowder for me please!!! In that kitchen you could make anything!! I bet it is amazing!!