Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two weeks in our Florence

      Two weeks has flown by in the new house and each night before we go to bed my husband and I feel like pinching ourselves. We were on a long road to get where we are now. It is so hard to imagine that we have moved in and have our first holiday under our belt. Yesterday we had our first official visitors and I really got to break in the kitchen. It was a lovely visit and we were excited to show off the house. We have definitely made some strides in organizing the house and getting things where we want them.

   Something I have been struggling with is wanting everything done right away and that is just not realistic. At night when I try to sleep the list of things that need done starts to run away in my mind. What should I paint, organize, change, move around? This weekend I was lucky enough to have an extra day off for the holiday and that gave me some of the time I needed to get a hold on things.

Unfinished side of the basement-  All though this wasn't on our priority it ended up being the part of the house was "finished" first. We purchased the standard five shelf metal storage shelves that you can find in any store. We found our shelves in both Home Depot and Menards. We were pleasantly surprised at how much they hold. Our basement is now organized and sorted. We had a large storage shed for months and it was packed to the proverbial gills so when we got everything in and we had more then enough space to spare, I was once again impressed with the house. I have a corner in the basement that is also set aside for a springtime garage sale. Once that is gone then my husband will turn that corner into a workout corner.

Finished side of the basement - We only had future intentions for this side of the basement. We would eventually like to purchase a nice pull out sofa that would be good for guests. With the bathroom down there it would be a perfect space for an overnight family or friend. It is currently set up to entertain our 2 girls and they love it. What we have learned is that our 1 1/2 year old can open any door in the house. With the long handles if she steps on her tip toes she is able to open the doors. We need a plan for this because the girls can get into the pantry and help themselves to snacks.

Here is a small idea of a possible sofa for the basement:

We have little other things done and the list is still long but we are making our way. I will post more as we go because I am slowly but surely designing the playroom for the girls and I can't wait to finish that and be able to share.

For all my building and blogging friends what are you doing with your lofts or extra rooms? We currently have our office there but design wise I am having trouble deciding. Any ideas? Please share your ideas.


  1. Congrats on your new home! You may have already addressed this but does your house still seem small? Or smaller than the model? We are building a Victoria Falls and are in the framing stage. We can't help but thinking this house is going to be teeny tiny, and much smaller than the model! Any thoughts? :) Thanks!

    1. Oh my gosh, Yes YES YES..We were so worried they were building our house smaller than the model. I seriously asked out PM 3 times if he was SURE that he built it like the model. The framing looks tiny.. and it will until your drywall goes up! No worries, if you have a good PM like mine it will be perfect. My husband and I measured the ceiling height 3x..LOL

  2. That puts my mind at ease! Thank you!!! It's so hard to envision right now but I know it will all work out. At least it better!