Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My GE Dishwasher from Ryan homes.

    Well it has been 2 months and all though we love the house and the neighborhood, I do NOT love that our dishwasher broke at 7 weeks. GE was very difficult to get ahold of and to actually speak to a person was a challenge. I troubleshot the issue first but when it didn't work I did call and the customer service rep tried to help but nothing worked. We waited 4 days for an appointment with GE. 

This may sound a little "snooty" but I seriously hated washing my dishes every day for 9 days. I work 40 hours a week and have two kids, it was very annoying and time consuming. I couldn't wait until the GE appointment came up and I could get it fixed. We have two kids and they create A LOT of dishes. When I came home the day of the appointment and I saw the GE man was here, I skipped to the door. He had just arrived and in under 5 minutes he let us know that he did NOT have the part we needed.  

It would be another five days until he had the part and was back to fix our dishwasher. When my husband told him he was concerned that our dishwasher already needed service and was not feeling confident about our chances going forward. The GE man replied with a "yes, we have lots of issues with this model". 


Five more days of dish washing came and went and the part was installed in under 5 minutes. Knock wood, the dishwasher is working but I have no faith.

I am mildly irritated at Ryan homes because they use this product and I have seen online complaints about the item. I asked when we were building if we could upgrade to a different model due to the complaints and I was told it wasn't possible. I get it, its policy. But now, I have this nice house and a dishwasher that already broke. I called Ryan home service to make sure they are aware of the issue but was told they would "note it" and nothing else could be done. 

I tell everyone how great my experience was with Ryan homes and how much I loved it. I wonder what they think now when at work I spend my lunches calling GE and waiting on a service appointment.  Also, GE has a terrible customer service line. They don't even give you an option to reach a person, you have to find your way past the automated service where you hope if you push enough wrong buttons, someone will pick up. Terrible.

Similar but not my piece of GE junk -  Ryan homes, don't put these products in your homes. Don't build pretty homes and then have them move in and wash dishes. This is a plastic, non drying, faulty dishwasher.  Not impressed and if it breaks again, I will be super cheesed and end up calling the GE number and pushing buttons until someone answers. 



  1. See i need one of these but unfortunately no room plus my large family like to keep me busy lol

  2. What's the model number for your dishwasher? I want to see if I'm getting the same one.

  3. Our dishwasher started leaking at about 3 months, but our experience was very different! When we called, They had someone out in a few hours. But, this dishwasher does sucks, I need to upgrade it but waiting for it to fizzle out completely. It's weird how different communities are, we had at least 4 upgrade options for dishwasher and other appliances.

    1. Us too. It stinks they didn't have options. I researched all the appliance options from Ryan, which is why we did not get a fridge through them.

  4. I can't understand how you could not upgrade the dishwasher. We were able to choose from many different. I know how you feel about washing dishes. Until we moved into our new house three years ago all I did was wash dishes for the seven of us by hand every day forever. I love this dishwasher!

  5. I love doing dishes most of the time; it's sortof calming. But everyone has their chores they dislike!

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