Sunday, March 29, 2015

Max's Revenge - A Review

      This book was funny and full of mischief. I really enjoyed the story and the funny and creative ways that Max gets into trouble. Max doesn't always get into trouble on his own but his brother tends to goad him into some tricky situations.  This book is well written and funny and I will be continuing to read about the adventures of Max.

The first part of the book has Max embarrassing his parents at a wedding, making a scene and then getting revenge on his Aunt Evil. The punishment his parents come up with him at the wedding just leads to more mischief, he meets the groomsmen who invite him to "trash the car" of the new couple and gives Max the idea for revenge.

Poor Max seems to have a tough relationship with his Aunt Evil and when she is around he gets in more and more trouble. Max accidentally causes more trouble with his Aunt and then gets his revenge on her car. The trashing of the car and his partner in crime even leads to a teen romance.  Any child or preteen or everyday "troublemaker" would enjoy this book!

With his parents needing a parent break they are off to two weeks on a vacation with "no kids". The boys are staying with their much loved Grandmother and Aunt Evil is still in the picture. I don't want to ruin the story but in the end Max's plan backfires and will leave his brother with something to laugh about forever.

I loved the characters in the story and the description of overtired parents at their wits end. With a Dad who has run out of ideas on how to make a child behave, A mom still wanting to stick up for her son and a brother who enjoys the messes for his little brother the story has something for everyone!

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