Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nail pops and cracks have begun

    Well, I was wishing and wishing for warm weather but it seemed that when we had our one week of nice weather it seems the house is starting to settle. I guess I was naïve all Winter thinking we had escaped the dreaded pops and general house settling. What I didn't realize was how quickly these things happen. There is no slow sliding of the nails it literally just pops.

 The capped wall upstairs has cracked twice and the kitchen is starting to have its own issues. The counter is separating from the wall. We have already told our project Manager and he had someone fix it two months ago but it has started to split again.

I understand that all of these things are normal and that Ryan Homes will fix it but its just a bit surprising when it starts.

We painted two rooms and the day it was done was the day I started to notice the pops and cracks so we will be holding off on painting anything else for another year. I just don't want to go over the time and expense to only have to touch it up or have something that doesn't blend well. Our ten month inspection won't be until the end of September so for now we will make our list and move our attention to the outside of our house.

We have been gathering our information from landscapers and getting quotes to see how much it will cost to put our yard in. We are on the curve of our cul-de-sac so our yard is in a pie shape. We have a nice tree line but its a little tangled and could use a once-over.

Ryan Homes builders that have put in yards or flower beds? Do you have any advice? Anything that worked for you or didn't?

Send me your ideas if you have them. I am also looking for a building guest blogger so if anyone is interested let me know. You can do outside tips, inside or even just guest blog about your building experience. Email me at if you would like to be a guest.


  1. Oh gosh! I am in the same boat. I will posting about the "Nail Poppin' Party" we are having. They are so horrible but like you, I knew they would come...just wishing they did not. I can not wait to put more blue tape everywhere for the 10 month!

    Eboni ||

  2. We've had a very similar experience. Our countertops have also separated from the wall. The PM caulked it at our thirty day, but it has separated again. Getting a few creeks in the floors now with the weather changes.

  3. My brother was told that this would happen to his house as well.

  4. Oh! I never had a new construction home so this is completely foreign to me! I would've freaked out!

  5. I've never experienced this. I hope it was fixed promptly.