Monday, July 20, 2015

Chargio from Smart Mixture

   I have had the pleasure of working with Smart Mixture before so when they reached out with a new product to review, I jumped at the chance. Last time I reviewed the LED book light  and it is still my go- to reading light. My daughters have now figured out how to use the light so they like to take it into our closet, in the dark and repeatedly open and close the light. This is how you know a product is well made. When your kids can play with it and it still works. 

This time I was asked to review the Chargio. A system that is able to charge all of your devices in both your home and your car. Technology these days requires multiple places to charge your iPhone, your iPad ETC. Now instead of taking up all the plugs in your home you can use one plug and charge all of your devices.  This was my favorite part because cords everywhere is kind of frustrating. Chargio proved itself extra worthy when my nieces were over and they needed to charge their phones. We were able to plug in 3 phones and it wasn't a mess and the Chargio is a speedy charge. 

I loved the plug in for the home but I think my favorite part has to be the piece for the car. It pops right into your cigarette lighter and has 3 ports for charging. My car usually takes forever to charge my phone but I noticed that using the Chargio and then plugging my phone into that was much faster. Plus when my iPod died I was able to pop it right in and get it charging.  Smart Mixture just makes affordable, sturdy, reliable products. What more can you ask for? You can purchase this product and the rest of Smart Mixture products on Amazon . If you give the Chargio a try don't forget to share your thoughts with me!

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