Sunday, August 2, 2015

When Life gives you Lemons..

  Yesterday we were honored to be invited to a Lemonade Party. When life gives you lemons make Lemonade. The party was beautiful and the love that went into planning it was evident in every place you stopped. From the pink and yellow cookies and cupcakes, the bounce house, face painter and balloon bender. The yellow tent decorated with yellow and pink balloons and of course the delicious flavors of lemonade. I believe there were six flavors and surprisingly blueberry lemonade was my favorite. The party was of course perfectly planned and executed. My best friend Kathy threw the party and she blows me away on a yearly basis with these things. She also looks beautiful regardless of how busy and hot it was outside. I digress about my friend because there are not enough things to say about her awesome-ness. 

  So, why did we attend a party in mid summer that was about making Lemonade? Forget all the a fore mentioned fun with bouncing and playing and face painting. This particular party was for Brooklyn. Brooklyn is Kathy's middle child and five years ago she was fighting Leukemia. Kathy guest posted about Brooklyn and  her fight to live and even today I get emotional reading the post. 

  When I realized what the party was for I was immediately brought back to when Brooklyn was diagnosed. I remember when Kathy called me and the fear in her voice when she told me Brooklyn had Leukemia. Flash forward five years and we are thankfully drinking Lemonade. My family is honored to be part of Brooklyn's life!

  Driving by the party yesterday you would have seen the tents, balloons and the many kids enjoying the party. My sweet daughters had a great time bouncing and eating 101 snow cones (I can't believe I forgot to mention the snow cone machine) thankfully it came with blue flavor to match the outfits my kids wore because they slurped and spilled them everywhere.

Walking into the party you would see much more. The family, the friends and loved ones who came to support this amazing family and even donate to a more than worthy cause. But the best part of the day, the most important part of the party was watching Brooklyn. She is tall and strong and beautiful and kind. I gave her hug when we got there and asked if she was having fun at the party? She nodded in her shy way and said "yes" and then off she ran with her friends. 

 Brooklyn is a pillar of strength and beauty and kindness but I am not surprised. I know her parents and I know the best part of them has been passed down to their three children. To be part of the life of this family is an incredible honor, the things I learn from them are priceless.                             


Remember Brooklyn this summer and if you should find yourself with lemons remember to make Lemonade! 



  1. What an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate! Maybe Brooklyn continuing drinking lemonade in good health!

    1. Cynthia, That was well said..I will pass the good wishes on to Brooklyn!

  2. What a fun party! Thank you for sharing and what a great theme.