Monday, September 14, 2015

Mommy time - My top 5 wish list.

   I love being a mom! I can't say enough about the actual love I feel for my children and just the act of being a mom. Everything (even the rough times) about being a mom is satisfying. It is challenging and loving and full of moments that are burned into my mind forever. Love it.

My above paragraph is 100% true and accurate and honest. But lately I feel like I don't have enough time for anything else. I work full time and that is a challenge in and of itself. But then I come home and I am "mommy" and then I do all the things mom's have to do before you take yourself off to bed and then start all over. It is like the perpetual Groundhog's Day (this is a movie, if you are to young to know the movie. Rent it or stream it. Its hilarious) my reference would make great sense if you have actually viewed this movie. 

I digress. 

How do you get to balance work, home, parenting, chores, bills and the 100 of other things that have to be done but still have time for you? 

I have actually googled this topic and you could read thousands of ideas on how to carve out time for yourself. Some of the ideas are simple and free, and some range all the way up to taking yourself to the beach on a vacation (party of one). As a working mom who doesn't see her kids all day long due to work. I am dealing with missing my girls so much and wanting to absorb every second and the guilt that comes with expecting time for myself. 

The only person who can carve out time for myself is me and my husband would be very supportive. It just seems like life is so busy.  I have decided to make a wish list so that when the moment strikes for some mommy time, I can pick something and go. Sometimes, I will think of 10 places I would like to try for dinner and then my husband will say "where would you like to go to dinner" and I draw a blank.  My mommy time wish list will be at the ready, so I won't be standing there saying "I can't think of a thing".

1) A pedicure - My toe polish is chipped and my feet are making scratching sounds against the sheets. My feet do not look good and it is still flip-flop season so this is not cool.

2) A shopping trip for essentials -  I have one good bra. I work five days a week and I have one good bra. I would like to go shopping for some new undergarments and not have to be pushing a stroller and doling out a snack bribe to keep them from running around the store. This should be number 1. When I am doing laundry I am stuck in my super sexy Victoria's secret bra that is just not cutting it for a day to day operation. That thing was meant to be viewed and is not meant for chasing your kids around the neighborhood. If you own one, you know what I mean. 

3)  Reading a book - I would like to sit quietly and read a book without interruption. Even an hour would be great. I just want to read a whole page without starting over or getting up to get a drink, a snack, a forgotten toy etc.

4) Quiet pool time - My kids love the pool so this one makes me feel guilty. I would like to layout at a pool with just myself. No water wings, sunscreen, swim diapers or mental life guarding. Just some prime tanning hours with my ipod and a good book (I love to read).

5) A dinner date with my husband - Romantic, quiet and uninterrupted conversation with my husband. Eating at one of the above 10 restaurants I would like to try. No crayons, towers of creamer, kids menu or picking stuff off the ground. I would also like to eat later than 5:00 pm. Leisurely dinner, a drink and not worrying about rushing home for bed time or that nervous feeling all parent's get when you are in restaurants with your kids. 

My anniversary is coming up so I am betting/hoping that my last wish will be coming true. I don't even want all 5 of these wishes. 

Pools are closing so number four will have to wait. 
Number three I can do at night ( I just tend to fall asleep after one paragraph). It takes me a really long time to finish a book this way.

I think we can all agree that number two is bordering on a situation and probably I should go tonight and get a new bra. Number one is also getting kind of serious, I hurt myself with my own heel when I tried to scratch my leg last night. 
That is pretty serious.  Maybe I will take a book to my pedicure and hit two birds with one stone.

The best part about me time is coming home to my girls. They are always so happy to see me and I am overjoyed at their excitement. I feel the same way when I am gone. I feel guilt for writing this post, it seems selfish but I know that an hour or two away is okay. How I make this into a reality is the question.

I continue to strive and find balance. How do you find balance? What is on your wish list? 


  1. I have grandchildren I want to spend time with now enjoy they grow up fast

  2. I am not a mom but I always like to take time for me. I would also like to have a spa day.

  3. Undergarments...I desparately need bras and undies! I did order a pair of shoes for myself online, which I hate doing as I never know how they are going to fit, but at least I can return them, free return shipping, if they dont' fit!

    1. HA..I was totally thinking about how I need new shoes along with the undergarments...I will try looking on line!

  4. I'm not a mom but I love to be aunt!

  5. These are all such important things for your life. You need to take care of mommy and daddy to be able to give the best for your children. Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Age old question, how to find the balance. I don't know if there is an answer. As an empty-nester and a grandma to one, I have so much me time, I drown in it. All I want to do is spend time with my kids, and granddaughter, but I have to find balance, too, so as not to smother them! They need their own space. :o)

  7. I love this post, I can completely relate! I have seen Groundhogs Day a lot (it's my birthday!) and know that exact feeling. I am a WAHM so sometimes I go days without going anywhere. Every day seems the same sometimes, and it can be hard to stay positive. But being a mommy truly is the most rewarding experience ever and I definitely wouldn't change it for anything!

    1. I wouldn't either - It is just the most rewarding thing in life!

  8. I would have to agree most moms just can't seem to fin time for themselves, so when you do, don't feel guilty.

  9. When my son was growing up, it was difficult find time for myself. Now that he is older, I have the time, yet, I still find myself wanting to hang out with him. My son is 22 and we do spend time cooking together. Time sure does go by quickly, seems like yesterday he was a little boy! :)

  10. I take time in the morning very early to have a cup of coffee and read a book. It's nice to just have that quiet time to myself.