Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Burlap and Bows and everything Fall

  For all that have followed in our adventure to build a house with Ryan homes and for those who built along side. You will know what I mean when I say having a new house to decorate can be overwhelming and very expensive. We have now officially painted three rooms. The powder room and the girls bedrooms. I was having trouble really deciding on what I wanted to do and finding something that I really loved. As Fall approached I was really looking for something that I could add to the house. A couple of my neighbors introduced me to Burlap and Bows Boutique  and that is where I finally found something that made the house feel more like home.

I purchased four items from Erica at Burlap and Bows Boutique and I couldn't be happier.

1) My front door wreath - I LOVE IT. It looks fantastic against my black door and finally added the touch to the front of the house that we had been missing. Mixed with our fall decorations and our house was set for fall. The best part was the burlap in our wreath is good for all seasons.

2) Wooden box - Now I have many, many things planned for this box but currently it is serving the purpose as our Halloween centerpiece. The stain on the box is a grey stain and I actually love the softness of the stain so much that I may be getting a clock in the same stain. Lucky for me Burlap and Bows has clocks! Stay tuned for my post on colored Mason jars. I have really enjoyed painting mason jars and have many upcoming uses. Check out my center piece..and wait till you see what I have planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas for my wooden box.

3)    Large wooden ruler - We debated and debated about where to put the ruler but in the end the thing that won out was the playroom. I have blogged before about the playroom and I have been slowing adding to it. It is our most used room and having something perfect for our daughters is always our goal. Erica at Burlap and Bows customized our ruler and it added just the perfect touch. 

4) Market sign - I will be honest. This may have been my favorite piece and I love every time we walk in and see it. The sign is made on reclaimed wood and stained then stenciled with "Market".  This ended up being my husband's favorite as well. We have had many compliments and this will end up being Christmas gifts for two of my friends. We love it even more when our littlest one is standing in the pantry underneath the market sign, looking for a snack. 

Four perfect pieces that added some character.  A little less builder grade and a little more "Us". 

Thank you Erica at Burlap and Bows, I have a few things more on my list to order from you and we love how beautiful and well made all of our items were! Check out Burlap and Bows and Boutique and send her a like on Facebook to keep updated on her new items. 

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