Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ryan Homes updates - Final grade and a ten month inspection.

Our ten month inspection is coming up and I can hardly believe that it has already been ten months. This time last year we were still in our two bedroom, temporary apartment and watching the house be built.   We were just getting our final information from NVR (love) and figuring out what our monthly total would be for the mortgage, closing costs, etc.

Oh the good 'Ol apartment days.
I do not miss these days at all so instead lets chat about the fun stuff.

The last time I updated I was feeling a touched miffed at Ryan Homes. The final grade, exterior paint and driveways were not complete and we were rapidly approaching our deadline.  I was unhappy with some of our conversations with our project manager and the endless delays. 
These things are now complete and our landscaper has come and gone and now we are literally watching our grass grow.  My concern wasn't always about the work not getting done, it was the customer service/communication that I was really having trouble with. I want to take a moment and give credit where credit is due. I had someone reach out to me from Ryan Homes and they ended up making all the difference in our experience. 

It renewed our faith that Ryan Homes really does care about the individual home owner and not just about closing on houses. The one on one attention that he gave to my husband and myself really made a big difference. Just someone to hear about our concern and then see what he could do to make a difference. Not just for our family but going forward for any new builders.

I was impressed by the phone call, the visit and the increased communication. Ryan Homes cares and they were watching and listening and they heard. So when they asked me what they could do I was honest. I want everyone to love the experience as much as I did and building the house for your family, that will eventually become your home is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you can make. Having a good experience while building needs to carry over once you are in the house. I can easily say that our confidence is right back up to the beginning and we couldn't have been more impressed with our visit. 

I included some updated pictures of the house...green grass and decorated for fall. Love!

Stay tuned because I have an update about Rite Rug and they 
landed right on the top of my list of impressive things...Who's intrigued?

A special thank you to the person who was listening and who made our house just as important as the house "to be built".

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