Sunday, November 15, 2015

NeoCell Product review

        I have just finished my first bottle of NEOCELL Super Colagen + C all natural vitamin. I was skeptical at first and honestly didn't see a change in the first couple of weeks but towards the end, here is what I noticed. My hair was more full, my skin was softer and I felt better after sitting in my office chair last week. I tend to get pretty achy after a full 8 hours of sitting so this is where I noticed my biggest difference. There is no after taste and teh pills are easy to take. It does take awhile to notice the difference but I would like to think that once the vitamin is building up in your system is when the difference starts to show. 

I definitely think this is something that I would take continuously to keep up that rejuvenated feeling. This is also Non-GMO and Gluten free so it is a good fit with any kind of dietary restrictions. With NEOCELL and their commitment to quality it is a good product.

The other product I tried from NEOCELL was the Beauty Bursts in the Super Fruit Punch flavor. These were meant to be soft chews and for me I thought this was overly chewy and tough to get down at first. I really wanted to see if the Beauty Bursts could live up to the Collagen + C and I did do them separate. I didn't want to mix the effects so I could really see the affect of each one. There were 60 tabs in this package and it did take me much longer to see an effect but in the end I did see one. It was more gently than the Collagen + C but I noticed softer skin. I have issues with dry skin especially when the cold of winter approaches so the Beauty Bursts have definitely helped. 

NEOCELL has great products and something for everyone. Check them out on Facebook  or any of their social media. 

* This product was given to me to review, all opinions are my own*

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