Sunday, December 6, 2015

Body Tea Detox Tea Review

Body Tea Detox Tea was sent to me for my review. I do not love tea but I have been wanting to do a detox for a while now. I am about nine days in and I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good the tea actually was. I didn't have to add honey or anything to the tea. It had a great smell and I look forward to drinking the tea in the morning and before bed.

I did not notice any affects from the Tea until day three. I noticed when I drank the tea in the morning that I was able to make it until lunch time without feeling overly hungry. It helped at dinnertime as well. The detox part of the tea was very gentle and didn't cause any emergency situations. It has only been nine days so I have not noticed any weight loss but I do believe the tea mixed with additional diet and exercise could give a boost to your weight loss plan. 

When I received the Body Tea I was impressed by outer packaging and the individual tea bags as well. I am doing the 14 day detox but there are longer programs and I think that may show more results. 

/> A few details from Body Tea USA - 
  • ✔︎BodyTea USA Weight Management and Weight loss Tea Bags is a proven and safe all natural slimming metabolic booster formula which reduces cravings
    ✔︎Safe 100% Herbal, highly effective fat burning skinny tea, allows appetite control with ingredients including Garcinia Cambogia extract a great Carb blocker, even doctor recommended
    ✔︎A natural smooth tasting fat burner body cleanse which helps to prevent fat from being absorbed into the intestines so that you can be skinny too
    ✔︎A natural diuretic weight loss tea to slim down which helps to eliminate excess water from the body, purify the body form toxins and works great for both men and women
    ✔︎Contains Caffeine from Green Tea which helps increase your metabolism between meals, great for weight loss instead of a diet or together with- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Give Body Tea USA a try and let me know what you think. You can purchase the tea on Amazon. 

*I received this product at no charge so that I could review the item. All opinions are my own*


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