Sunday, May 8, 2016

For My Mother - For my friend Bria

   I had dreamed up this series For My Mother because I love my mom. Because she taught me to be strong and kind and a good friend. Without a blink or a moment's hesitation she is there. I wanted to write a letter for my mother but in the last two weeks I have walked a path with one of my friends. Because my mom has listened to my heart break and the worry I have for my friend. I know she would agree that today I didn't write this letter #For My Mother. I wrote it for my friend.



A couple of weeks ago on a tragic and heartbreaking morning you lost your five week old daughter. You feel the grief of her loss to the very tips of your soul and watching you go thru it makes my heart ache for you. You are an amazing mother with beautiful, funny and sweet children. I know this would have been your first Mother's day with Elly Bean so I wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are. As a friend, a wife and most especially a Mother.

I watch you with your children and how you give them the best nick names and how for no reason at all, you scoop them up and give them hugs and kisses. You are the mom that stops and breathes in deeply the scent and warmth of her children and because of that, wherever they may go they will always know the strength of your love. The beautiful part of your heart that will always be with them.

We became friends when we became mother's and since we will always be mother's we will always be friends. This Mother's day will be bitter sweet because your love, your Elly bean will not be there with you. This year will be drastically different because in the worse possible life changing moment only 12 days later, you lost your husband. I watched again as your heart shattered into a billion pieces. 

I am writing this letter to you, for you and about you so that you know that you will not be alone. There are going to come a million little moments where you will want your baby and a million more where you will desperately miss your husband. 

If I could go back and take it away, remove your pain and put you back in your happiest moment with the five members of your family I would do it. You have so much love and support around you and when the healing starts, we will be there to help you process and pick up the pieces. We will help you try to move past this heartbreaking time.

 You are always there for me and I will be there for you. The piece of your heart that makes you, YOU. It will come back and it will be stronger. Your beautiful kids will hear the sound of your laughter again and you will all settle into your new normal and I pray that with the passing of time your heart will start to heal. 

Remember that the sound of your voice singing SkidaMarink to them is what makes them smile, feel better and brings them peace. I promise soon that you will feel like singing again, I know you and you are one of the strongest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I send my love to you on this Mother's Day and for each day that will come after.


SkidaMarink a dink a dink
SkidaMarink a doo
I Love You

I love you in the morning
and in the afternoon
I love you in the evening
and underneath the moon

SkidaMarink a dink a dink
SkidaMarkink a do
I Love You.

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