Monday, May 9, 2016

For My Mother - Linda's letter

                    Linda is rounding up the #formymother series. I am so honored to have her on the blog today. She is a first time guest hostess and her letter to her mother is perfectly heart felt. I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for a few years now and I have learned so many things from her. Her kindness touches everyone and she is one of those people that makes a difference in your life.  I know that she has made a huge difference in mine and for that I will always be grateful. I know that her mom will love the letter so read on and enjoy the last letter in the #formymother series.
Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother’s Reflection

While on vacation with my Goddaughter, I sat in the chair tying my shoe, in our hotel room.  As I finished, I looked up and caught a glimpse of myself in the room’s full length mirror.  For a very brief moment and strangely enough, the reflection I saw, wasn’t mine.  But rather my mother’s.    

I sat there quietly and gathered my thoughts as one of those surreal moments unfolds. I started to think about my mom.  Have I become this woman?  Although I do resemble my Mom, do I reflect more than just her image?  Can I do her justice and make her proud?  

 It was then that I realized, although, I would be overwhelmingly grateful to share a single ounce of my mother’s stunning outward beauty.  It is her inner being that I most love and long to reflect!

I hope to
mirror her inner strength,
match her goofy sense of humor,
imitate her kindness,
resemble her faithfulness
emulate her loving and caregiving ways,
echo the selfless acts of kindness she has shown others
be a dependable source of comfort,
offer help in times of trouble,
follow her patience ways,
teach constructively,
and always, always give love unconditionally.

Momma - I so love you and will live my life honoring your reflection!

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  1. That's my mother and sister, great letter for mom linda.