Monday, October 3, 2016

Double Glazing Existing Windows

Today I have Justin guest hosting on Happily Ever Rushed. Check out these tips and ideas about Double Glazing Existing Aluminum Windows. 


Need and Type of Double Glazing Existing Aluminium Windows

In the recent years, a lot has changed in the way houses are constructed. However, if to mention about the biggest development, it would be double glazing existing aluminium windows. The sole objective behind double glazing is to provide good protection in your home against any sort of external elements. Maintaining a gap of few millimeters, it is a simple process of placing two glass panes together. The air trapped between the spaces work as an insulating agent. In fact, drying agents are used to ensuring that no trace of moisture remains between the glasses. If to sum up, not only does this activity add functionality and style to your home but most importantly reduces heat and your electricity bills.

Need for Double Glazing Existing Aluminium Windows

With a little variety of materials available at our desk, a few of us might wonder, what calls for double glazing existing aluminium windows rather than replacing them with another material? Well, the modern looking and sleek aluminium is a poor insulator in itself. This is when the double glazing comes in play. The manufacturers have rectified this problem of poor insulation by simply adding a thermal layer to it, but in this due process making it a little costlier than uPVC which is already costly.

Double glazing existing aluminium windows help them last at least 45 years and making it more resistant to many acids and weather conditions. Though the material stains and corrodes, little maintenance is required provided the moving parts, rivets, hinges are well lubricated. As mentioned, the idea behind double glazing existing aluminium windows may not be very energy efficient, however, it’s main advantage and plus point is, that it doesn’t pose waste elimination issues as in uPVC. In fact, the material is highly recyclable and abundant in quantity.

Besides double glazing windows with aluminium, other popularly used materials for double glazing windows are un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and wood. No doubt that the single panes are any day better than the double panes, however, the material adopted affects the overall performance by manifolds. The trio has one or the other advantage over another, so the choice is yours based on your needs.

Different Types of Double Glazing
There are two major factors that mainly affect the type of double glazing to be adopted i.e. the purpose, whether it is being installed for noise or heat and on which type of window needs to be double glazed. The two main types of double glazing are secondary glazing and sealed units.

Sealed Units: This practice replaces the existing glass pane. With an air gap ranging between 6mm-12mm, there are two sheets of glass involved which are sealed together permanently. The thickness of the glass ranges between 3mm to 10mm. As the main idea behind sealed units is replacing the old one, these are suitable for all sorts of windows. Availability of standard sizes and non-standard sizes after measuring the dimensions accurately is easy. However, discussing the shape, there are two main shapes of sealed units, spaced units and stepped units. The only difference between the two is that the spaced units involve two glass panes of the same size whereas the stepped unit also involves two glass panes but the inner glass pane is smaller than the outer one.
Secondary Glazing: This process uses the existing window as the outer pane. Its simplest form is quoting it with a plastic film which is quite similar to as wrapping a food. However, it is not most suitable metal framed windows as the air gap between them is pretty small. The plastic film is cheap, a little fit for preventing condensation but can be easily damaged.


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