Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Maple and Spud Designs - Christmas Gift guide

  Every year I wait until after Thanksgiving to do my Christmas shopping. It makes me feel stressed and rushed so this year I knew two things:

1) We are going to try and scale down but also really look at what our daughters are currently into and then make a purchase based off of that. 
2) I was not waiting until December to do my shopping.

We always do one big thing for them to share and then try and do puzzles/books and of course, toys. 

Our girls are very into pretend and they love playing in our walk - in closet. They love to close the door and turn off the lights and play with flash lights.  I really wanted to make a play space for them that would give them privacy (keep my closet clean ) but still entertain their pretending little minds. 

Also, since we have two girls, I wanted something they could both play in, be comfortable and most of all. Grow into it. There is nothing worse than buying something that they grow out of quickly.

Over the summer I was shopping on ETSY. If you haven't used ETSY then give it a try. You support local businesses and almost everything is hand crafted. This gives your gift idea a quality look and something you can't find every where. 

I found a great shop on ETSY and thus my Christmas idea was born. Maple and Spud Designs  . 

We are getting our girls their very own Tee Pee. I am SO excited. 

Here is the awesome part about the Tee pee - You can create something that is just right for your child.  Nuala is the owner of Maple and Spud Designs and she hand makes these beautiful custom Tee Pee's. 
The picture is what we are choosing for the girls but we did a few changes. We will have two flags, one for each girl. Our floor mat will match the fabric of the tee pee and we ordered the largest size so that there is lots of room! 


The set up is really easy and if you need to the Tee Pee closes right up for easy storage. I love the fabric on this Tee Pee. For us it was the perfect blend of soft to go with the house and still girly enough that our kids will love it. 

I am also a sucker for good customer service so when Nuala and were chatting about what I needed for Christmas she was more than happy to help. She answered every question and sent me pictures so I could choose just the right touches to make this a special Christmas. 

If you are struggling for something for  your child for Christmas, think about a Tee pee. Their own space to pretend and hours of entertainment. 

Thank you to Nuala for all of her help, I can't wait to see their little faces on Christmas morning.

What is your early Christmas plan? Do you have one yet?

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