Monday, November 28, 2016

What are the potential advantages of using LED downlights?

Lara Buck is here today to guest host at Happily Ever Rushed - She is sharing her ideas on using LED downlights as a way to improve the look of your house and save some energy. Great article and I look forward to having Lara guest host with me again! 

Compact, light in weight and highly energy-efficient, LEDs are the best loved and the most scintillating technology in the world of illumination. They are small and solid light bulbs that last longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. It works on different principle than conventional light bulbs and is more durable and sturdy, too. One of the major benefits LED downlights deliver is impressively longer life span compared to incandescent, neon lamps and other compact lighting devices.

Due to its lower energy consumption, minimal maintenance costs and high safety standards, LEDs are used in wide variety of industrial as well as residential applications. With that said, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to illuminate aerospace, architectural structures, automotive, aviation, electronic and instrumentation, gaming, entertainment, industrial lighting, electrical indicators, military, traffic, safety and transportation.
LED Down Light
There are so many benefits offered by LED lights, it will be hard to narrate all its deeds and contribution. However, this blog is a dedicated effort made in order to bring LEDs and its applications in positive spotlight. Here is the gist:

Energy Efficient device

Considering the functioning of halogen lamps, you will be shocked to know that 50W halogen lamp converts almost 90% of electrical power into heat and emits nearly 10% of light. Now the magic of LED is that it only consumes 15% of what is used by halogen and delivers 85% of the light output. It also creates little heat when operating and feels really cool when touched. This is the sign of being cost effective and highly energy efficient. With the help of Low Voltage LED supply, LED downlights will produce even more light reducing the use of mains power.

Longevity enhanced

If compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED can live longer up to almost 80,000 hours. This means you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money in ensuring its maintenance. This makes LED a superior choice to illuminate the space.

Durable and enduring

Since there is no filament whatsoever in design structure of LED, it can withstand greater amount of rough vibration and jolts than standard fluorescent lights. There is no hard, brittle glass involved making them more durable than any other type of lamp. You can save a lot on this as you don’t have to replace them on and off.

Small size, big impact

Even though LEDs are beneficial in many areas that traditional lamps can’t, they still don’t disappoint you in the areas where size matters. Surprisingly, they can be as tiny as 2mm, which means you can install them in unreachable, cramped domain where big-size lamps will not fit.

LED Down Light

Switch on, light on

LED downlights will glow at full intensity the moment you supply them power. This avoids keeping the backup lighting. It can be switched on and off instantly. This is useful where there is a need to flash the sign or at traffic signal and automotive lights. Fluorescent lights tend to flicker for a few moments before getting the plenary glow.

Safe and sound

LED lights are generally seen operating at low voltage, and you don’t wince at the idea of touching it since they remain cool even when glowing. They are also safe to handle at the time of installation and maintenance. Even their exposure to rain and snow will not affect their functioning.

Eco-friendly devices

The operation of LED lights depend on the electronic phenomenon that does not involve any harmful gases. It does not contain mercury nor does it emit UV rays. Due to absence of deleterious chemicals and gases, LED lights emit significantly less CO2 than incandescent bulb.

Dynamic lighting effect

LED downlights are versatile when it comes to controlling its color, light intensity and distribution. A very well-crafted LED illumination can attain organized and much controlled lighting effect depending on the effect on human eyes and mood. It gives you freedom to intensify or dim the device, delivering dynamic lighting effect as needed in airplanes, classrooms, and party clubs and restaurants. The effect also capture the exclusive attention of customers who visit commercial shops.

Monday, November 21, 2016

8 Things Every Father should teach his children

Beth Martel is guest hosting for the first time on Happily Ever Rushed. This article is so poignant for how kids are being raised and how important the role of the father should be.
Thanks Beth for hosting!

8 things every father should teach his children:
It is a parent’s job to instill skills in their children and a father serves as role models for his children. Kids tend to copy their fathers and aspire to be like them. Fathers should therefore be smart enough to teach their children important life lessons and common sense knowledge. No matter how hard these lessons are, it’s a dad’s job to prepare his kids for the future. In this article, we have written down 8 most important things every father should teach his children. Be a super dad by teaching your kids these little skills that you might just often ignore:

  1. How to handshake:

Teach your child how to make a proper handshake with someone. Every important meeting and agreement starts and ends up with a handshake. A firm handshake cannot only make the other person feel the warmth but it also leaves a great impression on him. Teach him to the importance of maintaining eye contact and a gentle smile while he shakes hand with someone.

  1. Dining table manners:

While the mother is busy in setting up the table, and ensuring everyone gets proper meal, being a dad it is your responsibility to teach your kid important manners to address others such as the words to show courtesy like please, thank-you, excuse me. Besides these, one of the most important manners is the dining table manners. Your kid should know how to eat properly using the fork and knife and how the napkin should be used. Your child’s decent manners at a restaurant will surely be heart winning and you will take pride in that. Teach him how he should fill his plate and eat calmly.

  1. How to take care of money:

Nobody in the family knows better about handling finance than you. Therefore it is your responsibility to teach your child how to take care of his financial matters. From a few pennies to a big amount, he must know how to earn, save and spend money wisely. Make your kid financially responsible by giving him a small pocket money each month and later on politely asking how they spent it. Give them a free hand to spend money while always keeping a slight check.

  1. How to react when stopped by police:

If your child is ever stopped by a cop, he must know how to handle this situation and no one can teach him better about these ethical requirements than you. Here’s what you should teach:

  • Never hide your hands from police. Keep them in a way where the police can see them
  • Do not resist or escape from them
  • Talk politely and address the police with due respect.

  1. How to drive safely:

Teach your child how he should drive safely and observe the traffic rules. Start teaching your kid some driving tips (such as advising them to always keep a first aid box in the glove compartment of the car and the civic rules). It will help them become a better driver overall.

  1. How to resolve a fight:

The kids should know how a fight or an argument can be resolved or end up in a win-win. Kids should be taught how to properly address the counter party and admit the mistakes on their part. Teaching them to apologize without letting the ego come in is what you can do well. You can start this activity at home by making your kids talk their siblings out when in a fight with them. This can be one of the most important lessons for sons. It is equally important to teach a child how to take a stand where it is inevitable.
  1. Career Counseling:

Nobody can teach about career counseling more sincerely than you yourself would do to your kids. Take some time out to put a little contribution in building up your child’s career. They have seen you working so hard for making the ends meet; therefore, they will not only listen to you but rely greatly on your advice too. Teach your kids how they should set goals and maintain their focus to achieve them. Explain them the importance of growth, improvement and mastery.

Author Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at

Saturday, November 19, 2016

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Friday, November 18, 2016

How Air Pollution Can influence Children's Academic Skills

I am so happy to have Zoe Clark as a guest host today. She shares about how air pollution can influence Children's Academic Skills. What a great article on keeping our kids as happy and healthy as possible.

  Thanks Zoe!

How Air Pollution Can Influence Children’s Academic Skills

Before I gave birth to my little girl, my mother said an undeniable truth: “Parenting is an incredible amount of love and a great deal of worrying”. From the moment children come to our world, we’re worried about their wellbeing, starting from breastfeeding and stomach cramps all the way to education and academic success. The latter concerns come the very moment you enroll your child to kindergarten. One of the things that was really bugging me when my daughter started attending kindergarten was the air quality, since we devote a lot of attention to that in our home. Because of that I started reading a lot about the impact of air pollution on children and their academic skills. Let me share with you what I have found out.

A Critical Period for Brain Formation

The first five years of the childhood are the most important for the developing healthy brain functions, while the first three are crucial in shaping the child’s brain architecture. It is precisely in those early years when kids learn through experiences and exercise their thinking skills. It is very important that, during this period of their lives, the kids are treated with love and care, that they eat a balanced healthy diet, that parents and educators work with them as they learn, and that they are not exposed to harming chemicals and air pollution.

Children Breath in More Polluted Air than Adults

One of the issues that should raise even more concern is that young kids, due to their still undeveloped lungs, breathe in more polluted air when compared to their body weight and spend more time outside when the exposure is greater, than adults. Some studies suggest that exposure to pollutants during this period of psychological development can cause many health problems, diseases and dysfunctions.

The Impacts of Chemicals on the Brain

Some chemicals, such as mercury and lead can have long-lasting effects on children’s neurological health. Air pollution is a complex mixture of different chemicals, so we can’t even know what we are fighting against. There is a research confirming the link between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (a component of air pollution) and incidence of ADHD in 9-year old kids.

Indoor Air Pollution

The fight against indoor air pollution is much more within our power than against outdoor. We can improve the air quality in our homes each day, by using paint colors that don’t contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), introducing air-purifying plants, using air purifiers and avoiding to use chemicals for house cleaning.

What Can Educational Facilities Do?

There is not much the educational facilities can do with regards to outdoors, but it is important to ensure that during the time the kids are inside, they are safe. The kindergarten my daughter attends, for instance, has portable hepa air purifiers, which purify the indoor air of pollutants and air-born allergens. They also don’t use chemicals when cleaning the floors and furniture and rely strictly on steam cleaners and natural cleansers.

What Should the Government Do?

Air pollution isn’t good for anyone, especially for our children who we should protect the most. Solving this issue isn’t easy and it will not happen overnight. But it is important to set the wheels in motion, bicycle wheels we hope. Governments’ strategies in fighting air-pollution should include numerous steps that will introduce commercial use of eco-friendly fuel and deal with individual misbehavior and corporative irresponsibility.
The effects of exposure to air pollutant on children’s brain functions and academic skills, are subtle, but they can pile up, so it is important to start addressing this issue as soon as possible, from the individual level to a global solution.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Save Money with Groupon Goods

(this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How do you decorate the Kitchen with Effective Kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet is an essential part of your house because most of the houses and apartments are designed with a small kitchen place, and they need some sufficient storage place. If you want to decorate the kitchen in an organized manner, then you need to install the kitchen cabinets. Before installation, you need to take the measurement of your kitchen, and then you have to design the cabinet according to the accurate measurement only. There are various types of kitchen cabinets available in the market such as wooden, stainless steel, vinyl and cupboard cabinet. Earlier people used to install the wooden cabinets only because there were no options available in the market. But these wooden cabinets used to get damaged by fire and it could also damage your property. In this regards, you can ask kitchen cabinet makers to structure some stainless steel kitchen cabinet which is fire resistant and corrosion free.
Kitchen  Cabinets
How do you find the best kitchen cabinet makers? To solve the dilemma of having a house friendly kitchen there are many professional kitchen cabinet makers who can design or redesign the kitchen in no time. They are specialized woodworkers who can make the build in cabinets to optimize the storage space in the kitchen.
  • Before the art of industrial design came into existence, these people often referred to as carpenters were hugely involved in all sort of wood work in the house. It was their responsibility to provide design ideas to the customer. With the increase in preferences of designs and the utility requirements, specialized kitchen cabinet makers came into the arena. Separating them from carpenter, who focuses on larger projects these cabinet makers primarily focus on detail work within the house by the use of complex materials.
Kitchen Cabinets
  • The kitchen cabinet makers’ task is to provide specialized output for which they use an array of specific tools like a drum sander, saw table, dust extraction system, cordless drills, laminate trimmers, finish staplers and jigsaw etc. While using the focused tools they also require a lot of wood glue, nails, screws and other fasteners to complete their task. Fixing and assembling the raw material together is not their only work profile, measuring the interior space to make a cabinet that fits perfectly or designing a kitchen fixture with exact proportion is an essential part of their responsibility along with cleanliness in designs, good visual look, and excellent capacity.
  • Their task starts with creating a design for the customer to imagine the final outcome and the look. Their designing should match the storage utility requirement of the family. Post the sanctioning of the design they are required to list down the raw material required to provide the desired output which enables the customer to calculate the funds required. Their essential task also involves delivering quality output within the budget.
Kitchen Cabinets
  These people have no fixed place of working. They can operate out of the customers’ residence or their own workshop and are either contractual employees or permanent with furniture companies. Their knowledge involves excellent designing ideas and should be equipped with practical skills of using both machinery and hand where ever required. Apart from that, if you intended to install some metal cabinets then you can purchase them from the online store. You will find many kitchen cabinet designers online who provide plenty of attractive designs, and they also offer you some customized design options. It is suggested to compare their price range before placing the order, and you can also talk to some kitchen designer who can make your whole kitchen renovation.