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8 Things Every Father should teach his children

Beth Martel is guest hosting for the first time on Happily Ever Rushed. This article is so poignant for how kids are being raised and how important the role of the father should be.
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8 things every father should teach his children:
It is a parent’s job to instill skills in their children and a father serves as role models for his children. Kids tend to copy their fathers and aspire to be like them. Fathers should therefore be smart enough to teach their children important life lessons and common sense knowledge. No matter how hard these lessons are, it’s a dad’s job to prepare his kids for the future. In this article, we have written down 8 most important things every father should teach his children. Be a super dad by teaching your kids these little skills that you might just often ignore:

  1. How to handshake:

Teach your child how to make a proper handshake with someone. Every important meeting and agreement starts and ends up with a handshake. A firm handshake cannot only make the other person feel the warmth but it also leaves a great impression on him. Teach him to the importance of maintaining eye contact and a gentle smile while he shakes hand with someone.

  1. Dining table manners:

While the mother is busy in setting up the table, and ensuring everyone gets proper meal, being a dad it is your responsibility to teach your kid important manners to address others such as the words to show courtesy like please, thank-you, excuse me. Besides these, one of the most important manners is the dining table manners. Your kid should know how to eat properly using the fork and knife and how the napkin should be used. Your child’s decent manners at a restaurant will surely be heart winning and you will take pride in that. Teach him how he should fill his plate and eat calmly.

  1. How to take care of money:

Nobody in the family knows better about handling finance than you. Therefore it is your responsibility to teach your child how to take care of his financial matters. From a few pennies to a big amount, he must know how to earn, save and spend money wisely. Make your kid financially responsible by giving him a small pocket money each month and later on politely asking how they spent it. Give them a free hand to spend money while always keeping a slight check.

  1. How to react when stopped by police:

If your child is ever stopped by a cop, he must know how to handle this situation and no one can teach him better about these ethical requirements than you. Here’s what you should teach:

  • Never hide your hands from police. Keep them in a way where the police can see them
  • Do not resist or escape from them
  • Talk politely and address the police with due respect.

  1. How to drive safely:

Teach your child how he should drive safely and observe the traffic rules. Start teaching your kid some driving tips (such as advising them to always keep a first aid box in the glove compartment of the car and the civic rules). It will help them become a better driver overall.

  1. How to resolve a fight:

The kids should know how a fight or an argument can be resolved or end up in a win-win. Kids should be taught how to properly address the counter party and admit the mistakes on their part. Teaching them to apologize without letting the ego come in is what you can do well. You can start this activity at home by making your kids talk their siblings out when in a fight with them. This can be one of the most important lessons for sons. It is equally important to teach a child how to take a stand where it is inevitable.
  1. Career Counseling:

Nobody can teach about career counseling more sincerely than you yourself would do to your kids. Take some time out to put a little contribution in building up your child’s career. They have seen you working so hard for making the ends meet; therefore, they will not only listen to you but rely greatly on your advice too. Teach your kids how they should set goals and maintain their focus to achieve them. Explain them the importance of growth, improvement and mastery.

Author Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at

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