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What are the potential advantages of using LED downlights?

Lara Buck is here today to guest host at Happily Ever Rushed - She is sharing her ideas on using LED downlights as a way to improve the look of your house and save some energy. Great article and I look forward to having Lara guest host with me again! 

Compact, light in weight and highly energy-efficient, LEDs are the best loved and the most scintillating technology in the world of illumination. They are small and solid light bulbs that last longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. It works on different principle than conventional light bulbs and is more durable and sturdy, too. One of the major benefits LED downlights deliver is impressively longer life span compared to incandescent, neon lamps and other compact lighting devices.

Due to its lower energy consumption, minimal maintenance costs and high safety standards, LEDs are used in wide variety of industrial as well as residential applications. With that said, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to illuminate aerospace, architectural structures, automotive, aviation, electronic and instrumentation, gaming, entertainment, industrial lighting, electrical indicators, military, traffic, safety and transportation.
LED Down Light
There are so many benefits offered by LED lights, it will be hard to narrate all its deeds and contribution. However, this blog is a dedicated effort made in order to bring LEDs and its applications in positive spotlight. Here is the gist:

Energy Efficient device

Considering the functioning of halogen lamps, you will be shocked to know that 50W halogen lamp converts almost 90% of electrical power into heat and emits nearly 10% of light. Now the magic of LED is that it only consumes 15% of what is used by halogen and delivers 85% of the light output. It also creates little heat when operating and feels really cool when touched. This is the sign of being cost effective and highly energy efficient. With the help of Low Voltage LED supply, LED downlights will produce even more light reducing the use of mains power.

Longevity enhanced

If compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED can live longer up to almost 80,000 hours. This means you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money in ensuring its maintenance. This makes LED a superior choice to illuminate the space.

Durable and enduring

Since there is no filament whatsoever in design structure of LED, it can withstand greater amount of rough vibration and jolts than standard fluorescent lights. There is no hard, brittle glass involved making them more durable than any other type of lamp. You can save a lot on this as you don’t have to replace them on and off.

Small size, big impact

Even though LEDs are beneficial in many areas that traditional lamps can’t, they still don’t disappoint you in the areas where size matters. Surprisingly, they can be as tiny as 2mm, which means you can install them in unreachable, cramped domain where big-size lamps will not fit.

LED Down Light

Switch on, light on

LED downlights will glow at full intensity the moment you supply them power. This avoids keeping the backup lighting. It can be switched on and off instantly. This is useful where there is a need to flash the sign or at traffic signal and automotive lights. Fluorescent lights tend to flicker for a few moments before getting the plenary glow.

Safe and sound

LED lights are generally seen operating at low voltage, and you don’t wince at the idea of touching it since they remain cool even when glowing. They are also safe to handle at the time of installation and maintenance. Even their exposure to rain and snow will not affect their functioning.

Eco-friendly devices

The operation of LED lights depend on the electronic phenomenon that does not involve any harmful gases. It does not contain mercury nor does it emit UV rays. Due to absence of deleterious chemicals and gases, LED lights emit significantly less CO2 than incandescent bulb.

Dynamic lighting effect

LED downlights are versatile when it comes to controlling its color, light intensity and distribution. A very well-crafted LED illumination can attain organized and much controlled lighting effect depending on the effect on human eyes and mood. It gives you freedom to intensify or dim the device, delivering dynamic lighting effect as needed in airplanes, classrooms, and party clubs and restaurants. The effect also capture the exclusive attention of customers who visit commercial shops.

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