Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Home Preparations for Overnight Guests

Zoe Clark is back to hosting on the blog and today she is sharing some really great ideas for those overnight holiday guests. Thank you Zoe for another amazing post. Happy Holidays.

If you’re expecting overnight guests this holiday season, you need to start with home preparations in order to make their stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Instead of starting a day before your guests arrive and worrying whether you did everything you were supposed to, you should take care of every detail before you hear that knock on your door. Preparing and cleaning room by room will help you stay more focused, and, therefore, more efficient, so here’s what you should keep in mind.

Start with the Living Room

Since all of you will probably spend most of the time socialising in the living room, you have to de-clutter this area so that you have enough space and don’t feel cramped. Therefore, throw away old magazines, organise your shelves and store the items that you don’t like or need in a box and out of sight. Once you’ve finished de-cluttering your living room, you should move on to holiday decoration; after all, they’re coming to spend Christmas with you, so don’t forget to create a festive atmosphere, especially if your guests have children. Next, consider rearranging furniture to create a seating arrangement that will enable all of you to see each other when spending time together. The best option is placing the sofas and armchairs in a semi-circle around a coffee table. Finally, if your guests have children, and you don’t have a kids’ area, then make one in the living room where they can play and find a decorative box where they can keep their toys.

Prepare the Bathroom Thoroughly

You should start with scrubbing the bathroom thoroughly – you don’t want mould to greet your guests. Afterwards, make sure to buy spare toothbrushes, in case your guests don’t bring theirs, toothpaste, shampoo, shower wash, toilet paper, and everything else that they might need. Don’t forget to add additional towels (where they can be easily found), and once your guests have arrived, make sure to wash the towels, sheets and their clothes regularly. Finally, clean out some drawers, throw away everything you don’t need and leave some empty shelves for your guests.

What About the Dining Area?

Whether you have a separate dining room, or a dining table in the kitchen, there are several items that you should take care of prior to your guests’ arrival. You should consider whether the dining table is big enough for all of you, and what you can do if it’s not. You can bring in a bigger one instead if you have it stored away in the attic, or add a smaller one, but make sure that you don’t feel cramped at table. Then, include some extra seating options – spare chairs are a viable solution, but if you don’t have them, you can opt for benches that can seat more people than chairs.

Consider the Sleeping Arrangements

If you have a guest bedroom, you should take some time to get it ready for the guests – open the windows to let fresh air in, dust the shelves, put clean sheets, bring in some additional blankets and pillows, and add some Christmas decoration to create a holiday mood. Check the lighting, place table lamps on the nightstands and make room in the closet where they can keep their clothes. However, if you don’t have a spare room, you need to consider alternative sleeping arrangements. A possible solution is setting up a sleeping area in the living room – just find the best mattress for the money and ensure a peaceful sleep. It won’t cost you much, it will easily solve your problem, and you won’t have to worry about sleeping arrangement the next time you have overnight guests.

There’s nothing better than spending Christmas with the people you love, so welcome your guests into your home with a smile. Get your house ready on time, and then enjoy the holiday season.

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