Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What to do when startled by home emergencies

Chloe is hosting on the blog today and talking about a subject that everyone has thought about. These are some great ideas and some advice on what to do when the bad things actually occur. Thanks Chloe for the guest host! 


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Home maintenance is a constant task for every household. Being responsible is the first step when it comes to avoiding any urgent, unpleasant or even dangerous situations in one’s home. Also, keeping your cool can save you a lot of time and trouble. Therefore, it’s essential to always be prepared for an emergency as well as to have a contingency plan. The best way to do so is to keep in mind all the options when it comes to urgent home maintenance situations.

1. Dealing with break-in attempts

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Burglars never sleep; well, at least not when you do. In order to protect your home from break-ins, a top-notch alarm system would definitely prove useful. There are many tips on how to effectively burglar-proof your home on a budget, but those do not present the final line of defense. On the other hand, having an alarm that would go off when any suspicious activity is spotted, can give you time to phone the police or send an emergency email to the authorities. Some alarm systems can do this for you as well, so that you have time to get out and protect your family.

2. Fire emergency

When it comes to fire, what you do beforehand will also mean a lot for your overall safety. In that respect, smoke alarms and detectors as well as a fire sprinkler system will truly upgrade your home security in case of fire.
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A proper smoke alarm will give you time to evacuate and call for help as soon as possible. Moreover, keeping a fire extinguisher at home is a good idea and it can assist you a lot if the fire is still small. The important thing here is to avoid panic at all cost, at least until the fire is put out.

3. Carbon-monoxide leaks

Carbon-monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, which is why it’s called a silent killer. In order to avoid poisoning, it’s essential that you tighten your home security by installing a carbon-monoxide detector. That way, you’ll know as soon as possible that you have to open up all windows and get out of the house with your family before help arrives. Under no circumstances should you try to deal with this situation on your own. Make sure to deal with the cause of this leak afterwards, be it your fireplace, stove or other appliances.

4. Floods and leaks

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This situation may not be as dangerous as the previous three, but it is still very unpleasant. Again, if your bathroom or kitchen is flooded or your toilet is overflowing, or if your drain is out of order, you shouldn’t waste too much time and energy on trying to deal with this problem alone. There’s no room for stress either. The best way to solve this issue is to leave it to the professionals. Contacting renowned plumbers in your area will undoubtedly lessen the annoying emergency of leaky pipes and unsatisfactory plumbing.

5. Electricity problems

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In case of power outage, you should report it almost immediately. Once you do that, you should turn off all the appliances and lights in your home. It would be wise to keep LED candle lights at hand so that you can use these instead of regular candles. When the power comes back on, you should wait a couple of minutes before turning everything on again. On the other hand, you should always talk and explain to the other members of your household that touching a live electrical wire is out of question. If this does happen though, make sure to phone for an ambulance immediately as well as the power company. No matter how hard it is, do not attempt to touch the person before the electrical source is separated.
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As you can see, in most home maintenance emergencies, what you do to avoid them and efficiently detect them before anything worse happens is the best thing you can do. What’s more, staying calm as much as possible and going by the book once something does happen is, without a doubt, the right way to act.

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