Monday, March 6, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom-Made Furniture

When buying furniture, people are often in a dilemma whether to get something off-the-shelf or buy a custom-made piece. Even though going to the store is quicker and at times cheaper, there are numerous benefits if you decide to go custom.

Better Quality
The first and most important benefit is quality. No factory can reach the level of quality of custom-made furniture. Builders in your custom workshop will dedicate all their time and effort to making your piece. Unlike big factories, they will not lower the quality of their product just to save up some money on your order. They usually use materials and products of the highest quality and will make every detail fit your standards, so you can always know what you’re paying for.

Unique Design
If you want your home to look unique and have individuality, then custom furniture is for you. With ready-made furniture, there is no feeling of emotional connection and value, because everyone can go and buy a piece just like yours. With custom-made furniture, you have all the control when it comes to design, size and style, and it guarantees that your piece will be unique.

It’s friendlier to our planet
Mass production produces almost 11 million tons of waste in the form of discarded furniture every year. This is mostly due to bad quality and unoriginal design. Custom furniture is built to last for generations and its unique design makes it more valuable as it gets older. Many workshops make their products from sustain-ably harvested materials and some even build their pieces from old discarded wood. You can check with your artisans if they use eco-friendly methods and materials for your furniture. Also, you can make sure they don’t use any toxic chemicals, so you don’t have to expose yourself or your family to health risks.

Support local businesses
If you buy locally-built custom furniture, you support local businesses and preserve old crafts. You can always know how your custom piece was made and what materials were used during the manufacturing process. It keeps your local businesses alive and helps artisans for generations to come. Custom production makes the process of furnishing your home more organic and personal.

One size doesn’t fit all
If you have a small apartment that’s hard to shop for or a corner that has been empty because nothing fits, try custom furniture. You can order any shape and style, and you can design it to fit every space. In order to make use of all the available space, you can design furniture with built-in storage space or wall-to-wall shelves. There is also a great choice of walk-in wardrobes in Brisbane; so, you will definitely find one that fits your needs. Make sure to accurately measure the space for your future furniture to avoid any unpleasant surprises, or better yet, get a professional to do it.

It adds class to your home
Custom furniture has certain luxury and timelessness in them. You’ll not only have the best quality product that is both useful and beautiful, but it will bring class into your home. Also, you don’t have to fear that your new piece will not fit in with your old furniture. You can order something that will perfectly match other furniture in color, design and style, and make your home a designer heaven.
There is more to custom-made furniture than just high quality and unique design. It will bring you back to basics, and make you appreciate the effort, time and material that went into it. Every custom piece will have a story you and your artisan created together. You will not only get a furniture piece, but a piece of art you will be able to appreciate with your family for generations.

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