Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How Are Gastropubs Different from Restaurants?

Zac is here today to share with us about the difference between a traditional restaurant and a Gastropub. Thanks for the tips Zac! 

Working people in the USA and the UK visit pubs and restaurants from time to time. Eateries and food joints in the neighborhood make it easier for the clients to enjoy a variety of comfort foods and beverages. Comfort foods and beverages are normally called the pub grubs and include delicious items like stuffed-in-meat pasties, chips, fish items, shepherd pie, etc. In the 1990s, there were some restaurant owners who tried to attract rich clients to their food joints by upgrading their pubs and restaurants into gastropub & restaurant. ‘Gastropub’ comes from the French word ‘Gastronomique’ which combine a pub and a restaurant. You can expect to get excellent quality food items and various delicacies in a gastropub. Although the recipes of food are similar to that of a traditional pub grub, gastropub is much more updated pub cum restaurant.

In the gastropub, you can enjoy a range of connoisseur meals that are just next to the traditional meals served on the same table. Since the prices of the food items are expensive, many critics call the gastropubs as ‘gastronomically expensive’. When we talk of competition, gastropubs are far better than the traditional pubs that can never compete with a gastropub. Traditional pubs are just the competitors of upgraded restaurants.

Items That Are Served in A Gastropub

Just like the traditional eateries and public houses, a gastropub serves gastronomic meals along with the alcoholic beverages. In fact, the gastropub may also have a microbrewery in its area. The ambience in the eatery is really classic and modern where you find brass and glassware fittings with the dining room having a cozy and friendly setting. There will be a lounge area to play beautiful and soft music. You will find some live musicians playing the musical instruments.

Having A Restaurant Out of The Competition

The competition in the entire food and hospitality industry is increasing due to the advent of a lot many restaurants, pubs, cafes and gastropubs. To have a restaurant which is set out of the competition, you need to entice the customers by serving delicious meals at economical rates. Eating out has reduced due to inflation. Thus, it is important to reduce the prices of food items. Foodies are always attracted to the food complexes that serve mouth-watering meals at reasonable rates. Your restaurant needs to be serving culinary excellence which is next to none. There are various tips to follow:

  • Keep your food menu fresh and new. Try to have multiple menus to give 4-5 options in each course. The items that are very popular locally must be kept in the top. This will certainly encourage the local visitors and foodies to your eatery.

  • If you are looking to establish yourself as a leader in the food industry, try to avoid multiple themes of food. Have one theme of food and combine the fusion themes. When you launch your food menu, invite multiple critics to gain the maximum exposure.
  • If you want to attract most number of customers to your gastropub, make sure the design and layout of the restaurant is much different from others. Your restaurant must be unique in terms of food, pricing and layout or design. Incorporate proper design features in the restaurant. You may go for a country Kitsch theme, a rustic theme or a modern riverside theme.
  • Restaurant furniture must be very comfortable and should appear attractive.

When you own a restaurant, and look forward to earning a great name in the restaurant industry, your chief priority must be serving delicious food items. Make sure your items are not too expensive. Consider a restaurant makeover from time to time.

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