Sunday, March 19, 2017

Period Home Renovations With Resale Value In Mind

Olivia is here today to share some tips on Period Home Renovations. These are some really great tips on how to keep your home looking unique. Thanks Olivia!

Experts opine that period home renovations can reap delightful financial, as well as emotional rewards. Adequate and timely renovation of the period house will definitely fetch you higher values if you are reselling the property. However, the task is not that simple, as it apparently appears to be. Hence, it makes sense to discuss the key points about the renovation of the period homes that will escalate its resale value.

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Period Home Renovations

Resolve the issues with the structures

The first and foremost important aspect that demands your attention is the structural defects in the property. In fact, in instances of undergoing the period home renovations, you should give more attention to the structural issues, more than that of the general renovation needs. Issues like leaking roof, rising damp, cracks on the walls, rotten joists, and insect infestations are the few issues that demand the maximum attention. Likewise, you should give attention to the issues like broken or missing roof tiles, collapsed slabs or floors are a few issues that you should focus upon. Taking adequate actions regarding these will retain the comprehensiveness and robustness of the property. On the other hand, these renovations will certainly enhance the resale value of the property.

Install central heating/cooling system

Another worthy move for period home renovations will be the installation of the central cooling or heating systems. The exact call for the needs to be taken care of must be considering the extent to which the temperature may rise or fall. However, before adding these systems, you should always look at the power efficiency of the building. Make the necessary arrangements that will enhance the power efficiency of the building. It is because, if the building is not adequately power efficient, the perpetual cost of the power utility bill will always go to the higher limits. On the other hand, if adequate actions are taken, it will certainly boost the resale value of the property.

Update the services

So far, the period home renovations are concerned you should update the basic amenities like the power infrastructure and plumbing set up. If the wiring set up or the plumbing framework is not performing at the optimal extent, life inside the premises will turn inconvenient. Likewise, inefficient wiring set up can result in short circuit and rusted water pipes can contaminate the drinking water, triggering devastating ailments. On the other hand, upgraded services will not only enable you to escape these threats, but will impress the prospective buyer to offer you a higher price for your period home.

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Period Home Renovation

Fix all superficial problems

Even the minimum superficial trouble with the property can leave a bad impression in the mind of the prospective buyers. Hence, you might have to settle for a lesser value, as compared tothe actual value of your property. Hence, when you undertake period home renovations, fix the troubles like peeling paint, sticking windows & doors, latching & non-functional doors, loose or missing tiles, dripping taps, and cracks to the plaster work and/or ceilings. These fixes will create a positive impression in the mind of the prospective buyers and hence, you can certainly expect to get a better value for your property.

Convert the roof space

Another gallant approach will be to convert the roof space. These renovations cost the minimum, butit will fetch additional values in lieu of your investment. Hence, if you are planning for period home renovations, this will be a wise move to take up. Research suggests, this small adjustment can raise the value of the period home up to the extent of 35 to 40%.

The suggestions on period home renovations described above will enable you to get significantly higher resale value. Hence, you should certainly opt for these adjustments.

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