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Simplifying and Decluttering Your Home One Room at a Time

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Is there anyone who doesn’t want a nice, clutter-free home? Of course everyone wants their home to be clean and well-organized, but not everyone knows exactly how to do it. In attempts to get things under control and bring in more order, people often buy plenty of storage supplies and pieces which don’t necessarily meet their needs; hence they end up with even more clutter than they started with. If you are looking for a way to minimize the mess in your home without necessarily going throwing away half of your things, we offer you several useful tips and tricks.

Living room

Living room is usually the busiest place in everyone’s home which means that most of the things you use sooner or later end up piled around the sofa or near the coffee table. Start by grouping all the electrical devices: TV set, music systems, spare phone chargers, and remote controls.
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Have a painted cupboard brought in and place the TV and all the cables and remote controls inside. Not only will this be a good way to know where to find the remote, but also the TV will not be the focal point in the room anymore. Swap your old coffee table for the one with drawers or choose the one with a lift up top.


You’re probably tired of walking into your bathroom only to feel like you’re about to drown in toiletries, towels, hair brushes, and hair products. Not to mention that you certainly spend more time cleaning up than you do getting ready. First you need to separate the things you use every day from the ones you use once a week or on special occasions.
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Keep the hair products and cosmetics you need in the morning and in the evening within reach, and keep the rest of the things (first aid kit, special hair products, and the likes) stored somewhere else. Maximize the space under your sink by suspending spray bottles, for example; or you could use the space over the door. If the latter appeals to you more, try keeping things in boxes because this place does not hide clutter so well.


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It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep if your surroundings are not peaceful and you can’t relax. The bedroom is for sleeping, so it should contain a bed, an ottoman, a closet, and a nightstand. Everything else you might be keeping in there should go: spare chairs, suitcases, boxes with old Halloween costumes, oversized mirrors, vacuum cleaners… It should all go along with the bulky old furniture. If you’re looking for a place to store all the things you will not be using for the next couple of weeks or months, look for a professional self storage company that will make sure your things are safe.


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Kitchen is probably the most important space that needs to be kept neat and tidy, not only because this is where you prepare and eat your meals, but because kitchen chaos can lead to serious injuries; don’t forget that this is the place where you keep your knives. Set an outdoor wall planter on the kitchen wall and place the fresh fruit, herbs and spices here instead on the counter. If you don’t have space for another cupboard, opt for shelves instead – you can display dishes, cups, and cutlery in painted jars. These simple things will declutter your counter and leave you more space to work.  
Some people feel that by decluttering their homes they are also throwing away all the memories, or they get defeated by the amount of work it can take. Still, if the idea of living a simpler life with less furniture and unnecessary things sounds good to you, you can take a deep breath and begin this decluttering journey. It is a good chance to get rid of all the things that you didn’t even know were keeping you down and make a fresh start.

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