Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Are The Signs Which Shows That You Need To Go For Roof Repair?

Amelie is here on the blog today to share some helpful tips on roof repair. Check out her helpful tips, for one of the biggest repairs for your home.

Roofs are the most crucial areas of the house as these provide shelter and safety from various weather conditions. Apart from providing safety, the roofs also provide great looks to the house. However, with time there might be a need to carry out certain repairs in the roofs of your house.

There are a number of signs which inform you that you need go for roof repairs and some of them are:

  • There are shingles that are cracked, curled or absent. These means that the shingles are ending their lifespan and so the roof repairs or replacement need to be done.
  • The shingles are dirty and dark or wet. These mean that moisture is trapped and the shingles are not doing their job.
  • If the shingle granules are found in gutters it could mean that the shingles are wearing out.
  • If there is wear and tear seen around the openings and roof objects such as the vents, pipes, chimneys and other such objects it could indicate that the roof is in a state of deterioration.
  • If there is blistering paint or peeling then it could mean that there is humidity build up near the roofline and it could mean that the gutter system is starting to fail.
  • If there is staining on the walls or interior ceiling it means that there is moisture entering the home. If the roof is replaced, then this will be resolved.
  • If the attic leaks after rainstorms, this indicates that the underlayment is porous and the roof needs replacement.
  • The sagging roof deck indicates that it is wet due to moisture which is leaking. When it is localized, the roof replacement can be easily avoided and only that part needs to be repaired.
  • Outside light when seen in the attack means that the shingles need to be replaced.
  • A spike in the air conditioning or heating also indicates that the air is leaking from the roof.

When you are faced with the dilemma whether you should go for roof repairs or replacement you need to consider the following factors:

  • If the roof is relatively young, you can keep the gutters debris free and seal leaks as well as prevent insects from invading it, and replace damaged shingles on time. However, if there are considerable leaks and the roof is almost at the end of the expected life, it is a better option to replace it.
  • The replacement cost should be compared with the repair cost. When the roof is replaced, it will last for at least 20 years whereas if there are repairs carried out, it most certainly will need to be done repeatedly.
  • The roofing regulations allow only up to two layers of shingles to be placed on the roof. If there are already two layers replacing damaged sections could be very difficult and costly as well.
  • The shingles develop patina and so it may become difficult to match the old shingles with new ones and so one should consider aesthetics when they are thinking of repairs as compared with replacement.
  • If the homeowner considers moving in the next few years, he or she will be better off to repair rather than to replace the roof as he or she will not get a complete return on their investment.
Roof repairs are needed at times when branches of trees scratch and puncture the roof. It could also be due to algae and lichen that build up and not only do they discolor the roof but they also hold excess moisture. Fungus in the gutter systems prevents proper drainage. The wood rot and mildew is caused due to frequent penetration of moisture and this could soak into the insulation.  

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