Friday, April 21, 2017

Getting Started with Ceiling Decoration

Diana Smith is here again to share some home decorating tips. This one is all about dressing up the ceiling. Everyone probably thinks walls are the most important but what a wow factor if you could dress up the UP! Thanks for hosting Diana, you are always welcome at Happily Ever Rushed.

The ceiling is often underestimated in terms of the influence it can have on a room. However, it’s an extremely important part of a room’s aesthetics. Both the room spaciousness and vibe are dependent on how you address your ceiling. Here are some decorating ideas to juggle your creativity.
Wooden ceilings
There’s nothing that can bring more warmth to any area than a wooden surface! Even if your home didn’t originally have wooden ceilings, there are numerous ways you can install them. Not only will they make your room feel more inviting, but they will actually help with insulation. Reclaimed, barn, weathered, whitewashed, there are a bunch of various types!

Stained plywood ceilings
Stained plywood ceilings have a bad rep of making the room feel dark and cave-like for some reason and this simply isn’t true. In addition to making the entire room appear higher, it makes it feel warm and calm. Keep in mind however, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and cut your own strips of plywood.

Tongue and groove slat ceilings
Plywood can look breathtaking, but, seeing as how you’ll have to go through the trouble of actually cutting strips of plywood, there is another way you can achieve the same effect, with much less work. If you aren’t really handy or don’t care about making this a bit of a DIY project, you always have the option of installing tongue and groove planks that you can buy at any home improvement store. Of course, this will set you back a bit more than opting for cutting the plywood on your own.

Metal ceilings
You may think that metal ceilings create nothing but a cold, dim vibe. Well, you’re wrong! Although definitely not as warm as those made of wood, metal ceilings excel at bringing out that prestigious feel of modernity.
Now, a disclaimer: most metal ceilings are usually made of things that imitate metal, rather than of actual, expensive metallic materials.

Wallpaper ceilings
Let’s start off by saying that wallpapered ceilings tend to look amazing. That being said, wallpaper requires a lot of patience (especially when it comes to the ceiling, with gravity working against you and all) than paint does. The glue will take some time to dry, which means that you’ll have to tack the wallpaper to the ceiling temporarily. If you don’t mind this and enjoy design ideas with a bunch of details, wallpaper ceilings are perfect for you.
Murals are sophisticated, yet not all up in your face about it; they are unique and, quite frankly, gorgeous to look at. The only downside here is that you’ll have to hire an artist to come up with your design and actually paint it, and this is anything but cheap.

No matter how spacious a given room is, with a less than properly decorated ceiling, it is going to appear not only dim, but cramped and smaller than it really is. For one, uplighting will help; using wall lights, you can cast illumination onto your ceiling, making it appear significantly taller than it actually is.

Paint the ceilings lighter than walls
Painting your ceiling in a shade that’s significantly lighter than the paint colour used on your walls will definitely make the room appear more spacious and less cramped. This is also a great option if you decide to go with uplighting, as it will improve the effect.
Pro tip: opt for a darker floor to get even better results!
These ceiling decorating ideas will hopefully help you come up with a perfect solution for any given room in your house. You won’t find any particular specifics as to which room craves which type of a ceiling here – we’ll let your home be your own canvas!

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