Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to choose an electrician for your switchboard upgrades?

Oliva Wilson is sharing her ideas on how to recognize your switchboard needs to be upgraded and then how to go about finding someone to help. Thanks for the tips Olivia!


The first step is to recognize whether the switchboard needs to be upgraded: 

The following points describe how this has to be carried forward:

  • The switchboard cover should be opened first. Then a check must be carried out to see if there are any fuses or breakers. Fuses are part of the old technology and hence these need to be upgraded as early as possible. An experienced electrician should know this procedure and be aware of the latest technology and old technology components.

Switchboard Upgrades

  • The next factor that needs to be considered is the number of wires in the switchboard. If the switchboard looks crowded and additional devices are required to be added, the electrician will know that switchboard upgrades are required. This is necessary if there are air conditioners or steam devices are installed at home.

  • One more crucial point is that the above two points might look and sound very simple. However, it is very important to understand that switchboards should be repaired by qualified electricians. If the house owner does it with his own expertise, chances of damaging the switchboard are more likely, than successfully installing the switchboard upgrades. Switchboard upgrades are a great investment and  typically around $600-$800 for the entire house. The electrician should be aware of this and assure customers that nothing untoward will happen to the switchboard in the future.

The Second step is to recognize the need for upgrading the incoming mains:

The factors that show that the mains need switchboard upgrades are-

  • The house is old and the switchboard contains fuses that are rewireable.
  • The main switch has a rating of 40amps.
  • If the meter box is small, horizontal, and rectangular, or if the boxes are old and need immediate switchboard upgrades.

The overall cost of switch board upgrades for consumers fall in the range of $600-$700. A professional electrician will know about this and will be completely transparent about the factors that play an important role in the cost of the upgrades and the how cost plays a role in influencing the efficiency of the switchboard.

Switchboard Upgrades

Other Reasons Why Switchboard upgrades are required:

Also, a qualified and well-experienced electrician should be able to discuss the below factors when he/she is educating the customer about factors that can cause overloading of the switchboards. Here are the factors

  • An appliance that is faulty
  • A kettle that is over filled or there is a wet element.
  • A circuit that is overloaded. This occurs if there are too many electrical appliances are used.
  • A fault in one of the primary electric circuits. This could be the due to issues like age, deterioration, wiring that is faulty, leakage of water, and rodents.

The maintenance in the sheet should be scheduled as well. However, it should be carried out in the form of a streamlined process. Every house in the neighborhood should be informed of the maintenance work to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

While looking at factors important for switchboard upgrades, electricians should be able to able to help the customers with their queries and help customers in understanding the various kinds of issues. As discussed earlier electricians will need some extra time to work with the old houses to ensure that the entire wiring is done properly. The old, obsolete devices are readily replaced and reliable switchboard upgrades should be carried out to ensure that their entire wiring system is efficient and does not cause any kind of fatal issues in the future. Overall, a switchboard upgrade has the potential to secure the livelihood of the entire household.

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