Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Important Benefits and Features of Double Sided Fireplace

Melissa Hamler is guest hosting today and sharing thoughts on why a double sided fireplace may be right for your home. Check out these great tips.

If you live in a cold area where you need warmth, a fireplace is a smart idea to provide comfort to your family. Apart from its main functionality, it gives your room a more beautiful look. Usually, the rest of the home decor is arranged in accordance with the fireplace. Installing a double sided fireplace will give you the best experience; from providing warmth to saving money. With its numerous benefits, it is not at all surprising to see fireplaces with dual sides becoming common especially in areas where heating is a primary concern. Dual sided fireplaces are basically designed to operate as perfectly functioning fireplaces on two sides.

Fireplaces has been used for many years.  More often than rare, fireplaces can be seen when a family gathers to warm up during cold winter nights. These day’s fireplaces have become the trademark of interior design and luxurious home. Double sided fireplace is slowly gaining popularity because of its efficiency and effectiveness. The best part is, it is easy to handle, less costly to install, doesn't require any additional components like a second chimney, and one can sense its heating effect up to two.  It can easily be installed on a wall that divides two rooms, allowing to warm both rooms equally.

Why Double Sided Fireplace?

If you're planning to decorate your home to add a pinch of modern touch, you might be thinking to change conventional fireplace as well. The more efficient and affordable double sided fireplace is a recent invention that comes with several benefits. Now we will list out each benefit.

  • They create different zones: If you have an open-concept house, there might be little separation between the rooms. Though it gives a beautiful look to your home by creating a large open space; , it might be more chilling in vast open space. This is definitely not something that you want for your home, especially in winter. Arranging the furniture cleverly like stand-alone bookcases or room separators might be a good solution. However, a double sided fireplace is perfect here. It is highly effective in certain situations where a living area and kitchen need to be separated from the bedroom. A fireplace having dual side is an excellent way to break the space. And who wouldn't like to have warmth in bedroom as well as in living room.

  • Inside and Out: A back-to-back fireplace that opens from living room or kitchen to garden or balcony, has numerous benefits. It is an excellent option to maintain consistency between indoor and outdoor spaces. It also allows you to dine out even if the temperature is low outside. It is also great if you're arranging parties in winter. Basically, it allows you to enjoy your garden and outside nature for the extended months.

  • They warm more than one area: With double sided fireplace, you can warm two areas at once. This is helpful, especially if your family members or guests want to be in different rooms and they can enjoy warmth as well as sight of the fire.

  • Save money: Double sided fireplaces are more efficient in terms of energy saving. During cold winter days, people want to turn on the central heating system; this makes each and every corner of the house warm, even the rooms that you may not use frequently. However, with two-sided fireplace, you are heating only two areas at once. This will save you from high energy bills. Moreover, a double sided fireplace installation is much cheaper than installing two one sided fireplaces.

  • Save space: It doesn't need any additional space as it can be installed in a wall between the rooms. Moreover, double sided fireplaces do not intrude into either rooms and hence they offer more convenience.

Monday, May 22, 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Swimming Pool

Diana Smith is on the blog today to share some great ideas on how to choose the perfect swimming pool. I love when Diana shares her ideas...she is always welcome to host!

A backyard pool can be a great addition to your property. It adds market value regardless of the size, type, or even the location of your home. More importantly, a pool makes the home appear more pleasant, fun, and luxurious. Your pool area can be perfect for entertaining guests or throwing parties, or it can be a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day.
Choosing the right swimming pool requires taking a lot of things into consideration. Start with the intended purpose of the pool, but also think about the overall design and appearance of your property.

The size
There are no clear rules when it comes to choosing the swimming pool size. The decision depends on how many people will use the pool, whether you plan to do laps in it, and how much patio space you have to work with. Also, if you plan to throw parties by the pool, it’s good to know in advance how many guests you are expecting and if the parties will include barbecues, stereo systems or any other items that can take up large amounts of space.
The shape
There are innumerable options to choose from when it comes to your pool shape (even if you want it to be guitar shaped, it can be arranged). However, there are a few shapes that have been around for years and can accommodate the needs of the most. Roman swimming pools are the ones with an open space beside it – they are great for relaxing, and savoring every moment of the swim. L-shaped pools allow for a lot of movement on the patio and therefore work best for parties and social gatherings. In the end, figure 8 pools work well with decorative waterfalls, and they can make your backyard look serene.

Plunge pools
Plunge pools are smaller and shallower than the traditional ones, and they are used for lounging and cooling off after a swim. They are usually situated next to a larger pool or a hot tub. A plunge pool is less expensive and takes up less space, which is why it’s preferred by homeowners who want the luxury of a backyard pool but don’t have the means to install a large swimming pool. They are also a great choice for exercises focused on stretching rather than cardio exercises that include lap swimming.
Concrete is the most popular material for swimming pools, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones. It can be formed in any size or shape. It’s also the most durable material and won’t be damaged by water or the sun. Concrete pools can be easily rebuilt, reshaped or enlarged. Because of all this, it usually takes a bit longer for concrete pools to be built. Depending on the size, it can take up to 12 weeks until it’s ready to be used. This includes painting, which is optional, but most people do it in order to match the pool with the overall design of the yard.

Fiberglass pools are in a way an opposite of the concrete ones. They are a bit more limited when it comes to size and shape, but they are installed quickly and don’t require too much disturbance. The mold is premade and then inserted into a hole in the ground by using cranes. The whole process lasts no longer than 3 days. Moreover, these pools are perfectly smooth and very durable. They also require less cleaning chemicals.
When installing a pool, try to think about how it will be used in years to come and how it will fit into your yard. It’s a long-term decision and the initial cost isn’t always the most important factor to consider.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ways Of Refreshing Your Living Room

Ian Pearson is here today to share some great ideas of refreshing your living room. Spring is always the best time to re-arrange.Check out these great tips from Ian.

Spring has arrived, and with it the need for some spring cleaning. So, while you’re at it, why not think about actually refreshing certain areas of your home? The one room that could always really benefit from this is the living room, where you spend a lot of your daytime, with your family or your guests. There is a wide variety of things that you can do in order to give your living room a fresh and unique look. Since it’s definitely worth the effort, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the solutions that you could apply.

More lighting is always good

Your living room can really benefit from new lighting. You can get someone to help you out with permanent fixtures, but if you are looking for a simpler solution that you can do yourself, you should go for floor lamps, as a simple and quick idea. They are great at improving the lighting plan of your living room, and will bring texture into it, as well as fill out the corners. Choose some stylish lamps and be creative.

Get creative with cushions

Adding accessories to your room is the best way to liven it up. You can do this even if you are on a short budget. It is quite easy to get cushions made, even with the basic knowledge in sewing. You can consider visiting fabric shops to find what you are looking for. Instead of going for new rolls, you could focus on cutting bins where you can get offcut pieces for a smaller price. Your cushions don’t really have to match. Be creative and add a unique element to your room.

Color coordinate items

There is a great way for you to refresh your living room and not spend any money. All that you have to do is move elements around in order to color coordinate them. You can do this with the furniture that you love. A great idea is to sort your books or CDs in a way that they don’t look like a random mess, but present a colorful piece of art. You can do the same with glassware and ceramics. Let your creative side do the work.

Mirrors and effects

You might want to get a large mirror and place it on the opposite side of a window. What this will do is create a beautiful illusion that there is more natural light. Furthermore, it will make the space of your living room look as if it’s larger. If you want to get even more creative, you could have your entire wall covered in contrasting mirrors, which will create an interesting effect.

Make one wall be the focal point

Take care of the items in your room in order to make the entire design almost minimalistic, and then focus on one wall to make a grand statement. You can do this by painting it in a bold color, installing shelves in an unusual and creative way, or covering it in great-looking and stylish wallpaper. This way the wall will be the first thing that everyone notices when they enter the room.

Remove big furniture

A way to really make a change to your living room is to get rid of all the huge furniture. This will make the room look a lot lighter and brighter. Instead of having a TV on a media stand or in an armoire, consider installing it onto a wall. Giving your living room space is better solution than overcrowding it with pieces.

Make creative displays

Don’t throw away wallpaper and material scraps. You can make use of these pieces in order to refresh your display units. Get creative, and add a wonderful background to your shelves, wall boxes and drawers. Refreshing your living room can be all about the little details that complement any bigger changes that you might want to make.

Install blinds

You can improve your windows by installing a stylish set of vertical blinds. They not only make a statement in your room, but also add to energy efficiency, and enable you to control how much light comes into the room. They come in a variety of materials and styles, such as faux wood, PVC, fabric, solar, aluminium, and the like. If your windows are big, or you have sliding doors, they are a great solution.

Place fabrics on walls

Do you have some items made out of fabrics that you no longer use? Attach them to your wall as a statement. It could be a vintage scarf, a rug, or a tapestry that are no longer serving their intended purpose. This is a great way to introduce texture and character to your room.

In summation

Your living room could always use a little refreshment. Make use of these 9 suggestions to truly make it shine. All that it requires is a little creativity and a sense for aesthetics.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Stainless Steel Benches and Benchtops for Your Kitchen

Zac Ferry is here today on the blog to share his ideas on why Stainless Steel Benches are good for your kitchen. Thanks for the great ideas.

Strong, durable, stylish and ergonomically designed stainless steel benches and benchtops could be added to your kitchen to enhance the looks and functionality in your kitchen.

  • When it comes to indoor furniture, the stainless steel furniture is a fantastic way to uplift and beautify the looks of your kitchen. When compared to the other options available in the market, the stainless steel is non-corrosive, rust-resistant and is also durable as well.
  • A combination of iron and carbon is what paves the way for a tough and strong material ideal for making the benches.
  • When compared to the wooden furniture or wooden benches, stainless steel benches and benchtops are far more long lasting as steel is resistant to moisture.
  • Once you install these as part of your kitchen renovation project, then there is just no need to worry about termite or any other such issues damaging your benches.

What Are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Benches as Kitchen Furniture?

There are a lot many materials for making benches that are available in even cheaper prices. You may check out the following reasons if you are looking to buy stainless steel benches and benchtops:

  1. The stainless steel benches and benchtops must top the list of your kitchen furniture since the material is elegant and adds great aesthetic value to your property. If you are looking to give a sophisticated and beautiful appearance to your kitchen, you may go for stainless steel material as it needs the least amount of care and maintenance.
  2. Stainless steel benches and benchtops are rust-resistant, non-corrosive, and so there is no need to worry even if you are living in wet conditions. Stainless steel materials are known for being long lasting and thus they are perfect for indoors, especially the kitchens.
  3. When it comes to the commercial setups such as hospitals, restaurants, laboratory, kitchen and other such areas, you can easily opt for these. These are perfect for both indoors and outdoors providing great structural integrity as well as aesthetic appeal. Make sure the stainless steel bench you choose is properly polished by using the grit satin polish.

Stainless Steel Benches and Benchtops Require Minimum Amount of Care:
  1. These benches need the least amount of care and maintenance and so you can save on money and efforts over a period of time. You do not require any special solution to clean the bench but need a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust.
  2. Apart from being appealing, sturdy and easy-to-clean, stainless steel benches and benchtops can bear the pressure of workbench and these do not dent easily. They withstand wear and tear and also come wrapped in the rubber material for an added protection for the outdoors.
  3. Since these benches are sleek in appearance, they can conveniently fit in any space. So, it can be said that these are a flexible option. Apart from this, you can buy the benches in various sizes as per your needs. If you need a bench for your kitchen space, buying stainless steel benches and benchtops is the best option as compared to wooden benches. The wooden material is susceptible to rot and decay.
  4. A wooden bench cannot withstand strong rays of the sun, snow, heavy rain and mildew; it is only stainless steel that has the right properties to bear with this. Thus, life of the steel benches is much more than wooden ones.

From the above reasons, it is pretty clear that you should buy stainless steel benches and benchtops for your kitchen space if you are looking for aesthetic as well as durable options.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Need Roof Repairs in Spring Season

Oliva Wilson is here again to share some much needed advice on when and why you need roof repairs. These are great tips for an aging roof. 

Spring is the season when flowers come to full bloom, the sun rays fall on earth softly, and the breeze blows softly. This is the time when the weather is at the best and doing renovations or roof repairs at home has no hassles. Here are some more reasons to make roof repairs during spring.
Roof Repairs
Reasons to make Roof repairs in Spring
  1. You might want to sell the house. There might be chance of you wanting to sell your house in the near future. However, if your roof is not in a good working condition, buyers will just walk off the property or simply offer you a low price for your beloved home. You do not want this to happen. So, before the season takes a turn and it becomes impossible to make any inspections, repairs, or replacement, you should consider doing it during this season.
  2. You want a complete inspection done prior to the monsoons. You know how the monsoons are. It can be stormy, wet, and disastrous too. Everyone knows that the rainy season is not the best time to make any home improvements and definitely not to your roof. So, this is the best time to get a complete inspection done by your local roof repair company to see if there are any hidden damages which need urgent attention.
  3. Your roof seems damaged and needs repair. The onset of spring means it’s time for spring cleaning. So, you decide to get an inspection of the house one fine day to see if it needs repainting or any kind of rework. You walk your way up the ladder and onto the roof only to notice that it is missing some tiles and there is a chance of water going through it. You know your roof definitely needs repair. Your roof repair company will give you a detailed report of the necessary works to be done.
  4. Timely completing of work. If you get your work done in spring, it will surely be ready before the rainy season as well as winters. Try not to delay the roof repairs works as this might lead to damage, which might even cause accidents or mishaps in your home or to your personal belongings.
  5. Your house needs some renovation- if you are thinking of renovating your home then it is a good idea to work on your roof too. You can maybe change it’s style and get it replaced altogether, or get it repainted and repaired so that it is strong enough to withstand the harsh weather during the year. If you experienced problems with your roof over the winter or if you’ve been putting off replacing your deteriorating roof, then spring would be the perfect time for a replacement.
Roof Repairs
How to hire high quality roof repairing companies?
  • Check for their credentials: it is important to check the reviews, feedbacks and credentials of the company before you hire them for roof repairing and restoration.
  • Take proper estimate: you need to take proper estimate before you assign the final task to the roof repairing experts.
  • Check online: with so many companies coming up, you need to search for the right credentials and then choose the final company for proper roof repairs.
A reliable and efficient roofing company can help you finish your project effectively, regardless of the season. But we still suggest spring season to be the best. So, if you are in a soup and need to perform roof replacement this spring, call your local roof repair experts to tackle the job for you. After all, a beautiful roof makes a beautiful and safe home.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tips to Enhance the Common Area Landscape

Daisy Andrews is here today to share her thoughts and sprucing up your backyard area. These are great tips and with Spring finally here, these are great ideas. Thanks for the ideas Daisy.

Landscaping can enhance the look of your property. Potential buyers get their first impression from the curb appeal of the house. However, many people neglect this while preparing the property for the sales process. A well-maintained landscape can add significant value to your home.

Take a quick look at some of the tips to improve the landscape of common area.

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Common Area Landscape

#1. Define the Edges of the Lawn

If you mow and edge the lawn, your garden will look tamed and restrained and also will look like a low-maintenance work which can be a good selling point. Developing an edge in the lawn is an easy task and you only need to do is to use a sharp spade for cutting a separation between the garden bed, fence, or path and the lawn. You can also use a physical barrier of steel, timber, stone, and brick for cutting.

#2. Mulching and Weeding

If you mulch and weed, your garden will look like it is well kept and will charm the buyers. Select utility mulch like forest fines or pine bark instead of the common options preferred by the gardener like sugarcane and Lucerne. This is because it looks neater when you plan on selling the property. However, you should avoid using utility mulches such as Carroll warns, or dyed wood chip, as it might put off the home buyers.

#3. Shape the Overgrown and Unsightly Shrubs and Trees

Irrespective of the season, it is always good to manage the neglected pruning scores because dead branches or shrubs do not look good in the common landscape. This idea for landscaping will show how well you maintain your house. You can prune deciduous shrubs and trees any time.

#4. Add Some Colour

You can use some seasonal colour on the landscape which will spruce up its look. You can either opt for a monochromatic theme or use a splash of several colours but you need to be sure that it suits to the house.

#5. Create a Walkway


Rather than trampling down the lawn, you can create a walkway of dead grass in between the patio, garden, and fire pit. You can create an appealing walkway with the help of these materials,

  • Decorative brick
  • Natural flagstone
  • Crushed stone
  • Stepping stones

It is simply about connecting the elements in the landscape for pulling them off together. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to construct the walkway with materials that are similar to the exterior of the house and this will tie the landscape to your home aesthetically.

#6. Keep Limited Plant Species

If you minimize the number of plant species, the garden will look neat and clean and will give the appearance of low-maintenance. However, you should be too stringent about restricting the choices.

#7. Make the Water Feature Appear Natural

If your garden has a water feature, it should look like it belongs to the landscape. For this, you can use natural stone for building it up or use the same stone and material that you have used for building the house. You should also not use more than three elements in a particular area as this might make the area look messy.

#8. Create Curved Lines Rather than Straight Lines

With the help of landscaping, you can add edge around the flower gardens, the driveways, walkways, and the house foundation. If you install an edge in the creative curves instead of making perfect straight lines, you can increase the curb appeal of the house.

A well-maintained landscape is easier to sell and also provide your house with natural insulation and shade. Hence, you can save some money on the air conditioning cost.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Why Are Granny flat builders Growing in Popularity?

Mary Mathis is guest hosting today to share about Granny Flat builders and how their popularity is growing. If you haven't heard of a Granny Flat builder. Check out this great read. Thanks Mary! 

Granny flat builders have radically become very important in the realty market. With an increase in the prices for houses and additional income due to renting out properties, homeowners are looking for different ways to supplement their regular income. In a way, looking to finish paying off their loan as soon as possible.
In addition, these builders are in great demand for people who already own investment properties, as they are able to build granny flats that work out much cheaper as compared to regular homes. Also, granny flat builders play an increasingly important role in increasing the overall rent yield of the existing property by building an efficient granny flat.

Some experts believe that granny flat builders play an instrumental role in dramatically reducing the shortage in the number of houses in already crowded suburban and metropolitan areas. However, there is still a debate on this. Some people argue that the granny flats built by granny flat builders don’t add the intended value to the existing property making it hard to sell in the market. Some sellers believe that granny flats have a limited number of buyers in the market.
Before making a decision on choosing a granny flat builder, it is very crucial for the user to keep a very close eye on the benefits of cash flow and the impact on the resale value. Based on the findings, some people may opt to invest in a different type of property together.

What Are Granny Flats Good For

The granny flat builders are able to design the granny flat in a way that it can be used as a multipurpose environment. Some of the uses of granny flat are-

  • Home offices

The granny flat builder is able to build flat in a way that is can act as a home office. People are able to work efficiently and productively in the environment. The lighting and the ventilation is optimum and comfortable for all the people in the household.

  • Housing elderly parents

The granny flat builder is able to understand the needs of the elderly at the homes and understand how to build certain parts of the home. He/she should talk to the elderly people in a proper manner and offer suggestions on how well the granny flat can be accessible to them. Overall, the builder is able to understand how to make old people comfortable in the house.

  • Place of Stay for Young Couples

Even though, the granny flats are cheap, the builder do not compromise on quality. If no elder people is in the household, granny flats are usually used as a place of stay for young married couples. Since they will have many friends coming over for weekend parties, the flat should catch the attention of the guests. Hence, the granny flat builder understand the entire household preferences of style and build the flat.

  • Hobby space

Along with understanding the personality of the household members, granny flat builders understand the hobbies of the individuals. This is because some people prefer to use the granny flats as spaces for their recreation.

  • More Bedrooms

Many people look at granny flats as an option that adds more bedrooms. Hence, granny flat builders take extra care while building the bedrooms. He/she ensure that the toilet and bathrooms in the bedrooms are built with the best material and ensure that they are easily accessible.

One more advantage of hiring a good granny flat builder is that he/she will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of granny flats. For example, many house owners do not know that granny flats cannot be transferred to a separate ownership title. A granny flat builder will know this and might explain about this to the house owner. Thus, saving money and time in every aspect.