Friday, May 12, 2017

10 Most Attractive Picket Fences Designs For Your Backyard

Oliva is guest hosting today to share some ideas on Attractive picket Fences. There is nothing more beautiful than a well designed fence. Thanks for the ideas Oliva! 

In spite of being at the back of your house, your backyard still needs your special touch in designing and looking attractive. Normally, people don’t put picket fences in their backyards. However, we only ask those people one thing and i.e. why not. Don’t you want that your backyard should also look great just as the front of your house? Anyone crossing the road at the backside of your house will admire it.
Picket Fences
Before sharing the designs, let’s share some facts to make you clear on few points. These fences are the traditional form of decorating the boundaries of the house. So, don’t think them as a way of security. Normally, the height of picket fences is up to 3 feet high and is made up of wood, vinyl, or sometimes, sheet metal.
Now, let us share some beautiful designs for your backyard:
  1. Traditional: The very first one is the most traditional white picket fence design, which goes with normally all kind of small and cute traditional homes. The home with a wooden roof is a plus, as it matches with this kind of fence in the best possible manner.

  1. Column Style: Mainly these are constructed along with big houses. Here the combination of vinyl and stone column makes the charming fence, which adds a style and attraction to the house. The fencing style is recognized by the namespace picket fence.

  1. Garden fence:  You might have seen this kind of picket fences at the hotels and designer homes but trust us, it is a very attractive and beautiful style, which can go with any kind of house. Either the base is created from stone or vinyl then after some gap the fence is created and after every certain space, there is a gap for growing flowers, etc.

  1. Iron fence: In terms of security, it is better than the other styles. The top of the fence is pointed and is higher than the normal 3 feet height. The strips are plain, rectangular, and long made of the iron metal sheet. One can paint them in any color they wish.

  1. Small and large: Let your imagination go creative, the combination of large planks of wood with the smaller ones makes a new style and give an attractive feature to the picket fence in your backyard. The planks can be flat at the top or curved or also can have sharp edges. One can use two colors or more for the two types of planks.

  1. Space and Bar: Space and bar picket fences are unique and are not found in every nook and corner of the city. The fence is made up of metal steel or iron in round bars. You can alternate with a big one. The small one together, all the big ones, or all the small ones as you wish. Anyhow, all of them give an attractive look.

Picket Fences

  1. Ascending order: After every few meters, you can put a poll from where the fence will ascend or descend till the next pole. It will give a wavy view, which looks attractive.

  1. Split rail: Split rail is the most common type of picket fences, you can see at farmhouses and ranches. It is mainly to avoid the wandering of the animals at a ranch. Adding it to your backyard will no doubt add a value to it.

  1. Scallop: It comes with a wavy shape right on the top. It add a touch of panache to the home.

  1. Others: There are different styles and combination that look good and attractive. The only purpose it serve is aesthetics.

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