Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Add Value to Your Home Using Marble Tiles Properly

Lara Buck is on the blog today to share her ideas on adding value to your home. These are some really great tips and can be affordable if you look in the right place. Thank you Lara.

Gone are those days when there were few styles of flooring in your house. While talking about designing interior of a home, matching floors with walls make a lot difference. It is inevitable that the wall color must be matched up with the flooring. However, if you are using marble tiles then walls then it will be more stylish than anything.

Marble Tiles

Uses of marble tiles for enhancing the aesthetic variety of your home

  • Flooring: It is common and used by mass of people. Using such tiles in flooring is not a new concept. However, using different shades and multiple designs of marbles is definitely something to adopt today. Considering the theme of the rooms, one can go for various styles and textures of marble tiles for their floors.
  • Walls: Many a people use such sturdy tiles for wall construction. Preferably kitchen walls are made with such tiles. These tiles are easy to clean and are water resistance. If you want to go out-of-the-box then these tiles can be used in bedroom walls and especially in kids’ room to decorate the room.
  • Outside flooring: Gone are those days when marble tiles are used in interior flooring. Now the time has changed and people are preferring outside or backyard marble flooring. Balconies, Verandah or simply your backyard space can be designed with decorated tiles to increase the value of your home.
  • Backsplash: Use these tiles in your kitchen around the backsplash area. The dirt and smoke produced due to gas or stove won’t damage the wall behind. Even if you find dirt or oil stains there, it is much easier to clean them with soap or tile cleaners.

How to increase value of home by using marble tiles?

Value of the building or home will be automatically increased if it is sturdy and made with best quality materials. Houses are assets and they need to be valued on the basis of their looks, strength, level of protecting the building against natural calamity and many such points.

Marble Tiles

Using marble tiles in homes kicks in the value in large amount. Marbles have immense advantages that help the owner to value his/her house.

  • Firstly, these tiles are fashionable, decorated and makes the house look beautiful and stylish. Using different shades and designs of marbles by following the theme of the house lets the house look elegant.
  • These tiles are comparatively colder than other materials such as cement. If you use marbles in your floors, they will help your rooms to cool down during summer. Often you will see your pets like dogs or cats lying down on the marble floor during day time. This helps them to remain cold in summer time.
  • They are strong and long lasting materials. Compare to cement flooring or vinyl covering or carpet covering marble floors last longer. They don’t get damaged easily and also, they are easy to maintain.
  • Marble tiles are water and stain resistant. Marble floors are not affected by water easily.

While valuing houses, one with marble floors will always get preference from property dealers. This is not because of the look or color but because of its benefits mentioned above. Nowadays designers don’t restrict the use of marble tiles to the interior only. As said above, backyards, driveways, garden stairs, entrance, ordinary stairs outside the house and so on are the places where widely these tiles are being used.

There are many online stores now, which sell marble tiles, and you can take quotes from the suppliers and browse through their catalogs, to refurbish your home.

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