Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ways Of Refreshing Your Living Room

Ian Pearson is here today to share some great ideas of refreshing your living room. Spring is always the best time to re-arrange.Check out these great tips from Ian.

Spring has arrived, and with it the need for some spring cleaning. So, while you’re at it, why not think about actually refreshing certain areas of your home? The one room that could always really benefit from this is the living room, where you spend a lot of your daytime, with your family or your guests. There is a wide variety of things that you can do in order to give your living room a fresh and unique look. Since it’s definitely worth the effort, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the solutions that you could apply.

More lighting is always good

Your living room can really benefit from new lighting. You can get someone to help you out with permanent fixtures, but if you are looking for a simpler solution that you can do yourself, you should go for floor lamps, as a simple and quick idea. They are great at improving the lighting plan of your living room, and will bring texture into it, as well as fill out the corners. Choose some stylish lamps and be creative.

Get creative with cushions

Adding accessories to your room is the best way to liven it up. You can do this even if you are on a short budget. It is quite easy to get cushions made, even with the basic knowledge in sewing. You can consider visiting fabric shops to find what you are looking for. Instead of going for new rolls, you could focus on cutting bins where you can get offcut pieces for a smaller price. Your cushions don’t really have to match. Be creative and add a unique element to your room.

Color coordinate items

There is a great way for you to refresh your living room and not spend any money. All that you have to do is move elements around in order to color coordinate them. You can do this with the furniture that you love. A great idea is to sort your books or CDs in a way that they don’t look like a random mess, but present a colorful piece of art. You can do the same with glassware and ceramics. Let your creative side do the work.

Mirrors and effects

You might want to get a large mirror and place it on the opposite side of a window. What this will do is create a beautiful illusion that there is more natural light. Furthermore, it will make the space of your living room look as if it’s larger. If you want to get even more creative, you could have your entire wall covered in contrasting mirrors, which will create an interesting effect.

Make one wall be the focal point

Take care of the items in your room in order to make the entire design almost minimalistic, and then focus on one wall to make a grand statement. You can do this by painting it in a bold color, installing shelves in an unusual and creative way, or covering it in great-looking and stylish wallpaper. This way the wall will be the first thing that everyone notices when they enter the room.

Remove big furniture

A way to really make a change to your living room is to get rid of all the huge furniture. This will make the room look a lot lighter and brighter. Instead of having a TV on a media stand or in an armoire, consider installing it onto a wall. Giving your living room space is better solution than overcrowding it with pieces.

Make creative displays

Don’t throw away wallpaper and material scraps. You can make use of these pieces in order to refresh your display units. Get creative, and add a wonderful background to your shelves, wall boxes and drawers. Refreshing your living room can be all about the little details that complement any bigger changes that you might want to make.

Install blinds

You can improve your windows by installing a stylish set of vertical blinds. They not only make a statement in your room, but also add to energy efficiency, and enable you to control how much light comes into the room. They come in a variety of materials and styles, such as faux wood, PVC, fabric, solar, aluminium, and the like. If your windows are big, or you have sliding doors, they are a great solution.

Place fabrics on walls

Do you have some items made out of fabrics that you no longer use? Attach them to your wall as a statement. It could be a vintage scarf, a rug, or a tapestry that are no longer serving their intended purpose. This is a great way to introduce texture and character to your room.

In summation

Your living room could always use a little refreshment. Make use of these 9 suggestions to truly make it shine. All that it requires is a little creativity and a sense for aesthetics.

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