Thursday, June 29, 2017

Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid in Case of Kitchens

Lauren Bracy is on the blog today to share her ideas on avoiding remodeling mistakes - Thanks for the great tips Lauren.

Have you ever wondered why kitchen is the heart of each home? Simple! It is the place where meals are cooked and prepared. However, at the same time, it is very much important to design the kitchen in the best possible manner to make it spacious enough.

Spacious Kitchens – Mostly Preferable

Spacious kitchens, apart from permitting comfortable cooking provide enough space for other activities, as well. The more spacious the kitchen, the more comfortable and welcoming it feels. Also, it is easier to make renovations and fit various gadgets and equipment in a spacious kitchen. A kitchen big enough to fit in a dining table is the most suitable one as everything would be easily accessible while dining. Even after having good intentions behind decorating the kitchen, hardly all kitchen improvements conclude in the best results. Generally, issues pop up in case of planning, choosing colour, and types of cabinetry along with types of furniture.

Remodelling Mistakes to Stay Away from

Remodelling a kitchen is not a simple task. The planning should be done with care and attention as, even a small mistake may lead towards a heavy deal. Such is the case in association with modern day kitchens, as well. Below are some remodelling mistakes to avoid. So that, you may stay away from reinvesting in a repetitive manner:

Big kitchen – Not always a better deal

Someone has aptly remarked that bigger kitchen is not always a good choice. An extra-large kitchen is sometimes a waste of space. In short, a well-planned kitchen is a golden choice rather than a haphazardly designed large kitchen. However, every homeowner would dream for a bigger kitchen, but it is always not the right choice as there are various factors involved in the size of the kitchen. In case, you are determined to go with the improvement regarding the entire floor, then better have a detailed session to understand the whole project. In case you already have a room to be used as a separate dining space, there is no need for a bigger kitchen.

Sometimes, a small but a well-planned kitchen comprising of high quality materials is more than enough. Hence, it is up to you, the way you would like to have it. The final choice is yours!

Skimping on cabinets
One thing to note is that cheaper items are not better always. Similarly, in case of kitchen, the storage needs to be durable enough to last long. Therefore, give your best to invest in a strong cum highly durable cabinet. As the drawers will be facing lots of wear and tear, with usage over time. Hence, ensure that the cabinets are manufactured using superior quality materials to endure all the wear and tear as you do not want to keep getting those repaired from time to time. So, durability is the key when it comes to cabinets and drawers.
In addition, it will be a better choice to go with the hardwoods to fetch a strong and good finishing of hinges.

Too much reliance of design fad

Truly said that green holds the ability to veer towards trendy and seasonal choices! It requires proper balancing by taking into usage neutral colours to make it timeless. As fads come and go it is essential to keep eyes open at the time of including current trends to influence the design of kitchens.

Additionally, at the same time, it is essential that the design and other decorations of the kitchen duly match with the rest of the rooms in the house. Better to opt for a good space planning along with timeless designs for your kitchen.  

Going against the most suitable design plan

Many people commit the blunder of getting distracted due to which they jump to and for. It will be an intelligent decision to stick to the plan. Not only will it ensure that the remodeling process is carried out smoothly, but also prevents burning holes into pockets.

If you follow a well-organized plan, it is for sure that you will reap high benefit. You may take the assistance of the experts in terms of selecting required color theme, furnishings, and other essential requirements.

Though remodeling can be carried out by own, still it is advisable to hire professionals. As, they have enough exposure, they will be in a favorable position to help you in every nook and corner. In addition, they will be able to let you know the pros and cons of each step to be followed in the remodeling process.

Friday, June 23, 2017

10 Steps to Pick the Right Sliding Patio Door Blinds

Zac Ferry has some great ideas on the right kind of sliding door blinds. Check out this great article and thanks for the cool ideas.

It is not easy to come across a brilliant sliding patio door blinds. You will have to make some efforts in finding the right one. Right from researching the manufacturers to the dealers, who cater such products, has to be rigorously searched. Choosing the right design can be another challenging task. Apart from offering privacy and protection from the light, the blinds come out to be a good décor element. The main task is to buy the right blinds for the patio door.

Sliding Patio Door Blind

Here is your guide to find and buy the perfect blinds for your sliding patio door

  1. There is no need to be overwhelmed with the process. You have to update yourself with the alternatives in sliding patio door blinds. Instead of getting confused, get acquainted with the different types. Familiarize with the designs that are available to you.
  2. Understand the need of the blinds for your patio door. Do you need them to simply protect your indoors or you need an element of décor or both? Only when you are clear about your requirements, you will be able to choose the better one.
  3. Learn about the ‘vertical’ and the ‘horizontal blinds’. Do not forget to jot down the pros and cons of both types of blinds. Depending on the nature of your space, you will be able to choose the right sliding patio door blinds.
  4. Do not stop at hunting the blinds. You will have to go a bit further in knowing the material used in making the blinds. This way, you will be able to compare the material and opt for the one that is sturdier and will last for a longer time.
  5. Within the sliding patio door blinds, you will find there are drapes that you need to pick too.  Whether you are interested in the black out ones or the transparent ones, it will be completely your choice. However, make sure you understand the need of the curtains then invest accordingly.

Sliding Patio Door Blind

  1. It is important that you create an ambience with the sliding patio door blinds, but it should be in a harmony with other elements too. While, there should be distinction between the indoors and outdoors, but it should be smooth. Make sure you maintain the balance by going for the right blinds.
  2. There is no harm in researching to get some ideas. See if you can combine different designs to come up with a distinct look for your patio and outdoors. Go on different branded websites to know what the general ongoing trends are. This will be of great help in picking the right one for your patio.
  3. Once you feel you are comfortable in working on a design, you will have to take the measurements. It is important that you measure up space correctly, so that fitting of the blinds is easier. If you are not confident in measuring, you can always bring in some professional help for the same.
  4. Understand the nature of the fitting. See, if you will be able to do it on your own or with some help of your friends. If not, then you will have to arrange some professional services to take care of the installation. The service charges will add up the cost of the blinds.
  5. An essential element while booking the sliding patio door blinds is shipment cost. The supplier should home deliver you the product and should not charge for it. However, if he does, then you need to recheck your budget and calculate the additional costs.

Overall, these steps will be useful in selecting the right sliding patio door blinders.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Inspired This Summer Season with Brilliant Garden Patio Designs

Lara Buck is here today to share some ideas on a Garden Patio, check out these great ideas.

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because many people wait for the warmer months to come so that they can enjoy the bright sunny weather with near and dear ones. People enjoy the bright clear sky and the warm outdoors in this season. Having well decorated garden patios can be absolutely blissful for summer loving people as a backyard or lawn patio is a place where you can host a summer picnic or even a party without interfering with your indoors.

Garden Patios

For people loving summers, having attractive garden patios is a must. The more you put your effort in patio designing, the more credibility you can show. An attractive summer patio can make your neighbours become green with jealousy while it can increase the real estate value of your property at the same time. Garden patio comes in different sizes and shapes depending on the land mass available. Most people believe in the false notion that it has to be massive. All it needs to be is neat, airy, look bright, filled with lots of sunlight and look spacious. You can let your creativity and your imagination run wild while designing your summer patios.

Few important things to consider regarding designing garden patios for welcoming summer

  • Be careful with your patio furniture: Summer months demand more spacious and airy ambience than a cosy one. The trick here is to organize your patio furniture in a neat manner so that nothing can look overcrowded. You can do a lot with your patio furniture by choosing the right ones and placing them in the right way. Things like sofas, lounge chairs, normal chairs, tables, mats, carpets, pillows etc. are essential for designing a comfortable and attractive garden patio. It is especially important for summer months.

  • Experiment with colours of patio furniture: You can select your furniture based on available space. Go for sectional things if space crunch is there; otherwise, you can run wild with options if your space and budget permits. Go for summer friendly eye-popping colours for your furniture. Mix and match bold summer colours giving a preference to the neutral to lighter and brighter shades of yellow, green, blue, pink, white, beige and orange. You may choose to go monochrome as well but be careful not to make your summer patios look dull. Eye popping colours are best for summer season.

Garden Patios

  • Keep your patio well lit: Summer months are all about bright lights. Hence, when you design your garden patios for these months, keep the outdoor lights in mind. Fireplace is a big add-on to the patio. But apart from that you can decorate your patio with string lights, luminescent bulbs, lanterns etc. There are a massive variety of lamps to choose from. You can select lighting options that complement your patio well. Patios must be always radiantly decorated with bright lights.

  • Keep the summer patio shaded: Shades are important and most integral part of the garden patio especially for summer. While you want your patio to be brightly lit with natural light you surely don’t want the scorching heat of the sun to intrude into your fun picnic. It is thus always recommended to add a shade to your patio. The shade can be tinged or semi-transparent to allow light in but to keep the extensive heat away.

There are various designs and theme options available as far as garden patio for summer is concerned. Some prefer beach themed patios that are inspired by the sea-side theme. Many prefer Asian themed, Italian themed, Greece themed or contemporary themed patios as well.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Seducing starts with your skin

Clara Smart is here to share some ideas on how to take care of your skin. These are perfect since Summer is officially here and it will be rough on your skin. Great ideas from Clara!

A woman gets a lot of compliments in her life, but there is something special when a man compliments her skin. A touch is an ultimate way to connect with our partner, but also with a stranger who accidentally brushed his hand of yours while passing by.

C:\Users\Hello\Desktop\shutterstock_160632413 (1).jpg
A woman’s skin is a reflection of her love for herself. It shows how much time and effort she gives to herself and how she sees herself. If you disagree, then simply think about the time you tried on a new cream or product that made your skin so soft and gentle, that you’ve spent your whole day simply touching your skin or feeling it.
But a skin like this doesn’t come by itself, so a few tips and tricks can make a world of difference.
  1. Moisturize
Moisturizing is the key. If you want your skin to feel smooth and taken care of, then you need to feed it. Find the right skin-care product for your skin type and honor a certain routine when it comes to taking care of your skin. Give your skin extra attention after it has been exposed to sun or after showering, because this is when our skin feels the driest.

  1. Avoid sun
Avoiding sun is probably the best way to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Even though tanned skin was once considered to be a must, the aristocratic complexion is now considered to be, not only more healthy but also more beautiful.
Sun dries our skin out, not to mention the possible dangers of skin diseases and other complications that can appear after too much exposure to sun. So, keep your skin safe and avoid being exposed to the sun too much.
  1. Healthy lifestyle
That natural glow that you see on other women is not only coming from the outside, it comes from their nutrition and exercise too. Leading a healthy lifestyle, without too much alcohol and unhealthy foods, is another key to achieving that great youthful and radiant looking skin. Not to mention that great feeling of satisfaction with yourself, after you know that you have taken good care of your body. Sleeping hours are precious and may be the key to your own natural glow but using an anti-wrinkle night cream can be a free ticket to some girl out nights.
  1. Zen time
When you are stressed and unhappy, that will show up on your skin. This is why it is important to devote some time to relaxation, whatever this means for you. Whether this is a shopping day with your friends, or a nice few hours of meditation and yoga, choose your thing and give yourself some time off.

  1. Razor danger
Be careful when you choose your razors and go for the ones that are a little bit more expensive or at least for the ones with more razors inside them. This way, you are going to avoid getting sharp cuts on your beautiful skin.
These were some of the tips you can apply to boost your seductive game, when it comes to skin. Add a drop of perfume to your perfect glowing skin and no man will be able to resist your seduction.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Get the Perfect Finish for Your Deck or Patio with Frameless Glass

Lara Buck is here to guest host and share her ideas on how to get the perfect finish for your deck or your patio with Frameless glass.
These are such great ideas for your outdoor space!

Your glass balustrades will not look good, be it for the deck or the patio or any other outdoor zone, without the right finish. The wrong finish means that you would be able to see visible gaps in these balustrades that eventually become the hub of germ and dirt and even mold. Another factor is that without the right finish, aesthetics of your home would be ruined too. Hence, you need to make sure that you get the ideal finish. However, in this reference, a lot of designers prefer using frameless glass which give the right look without trying too hard.

Frameless Glass

Seamless finish

Indicative of the name, the frameless glass gives you a plethora of added benefits and features. For example, the first thing is that you get a seamless finish. And, because of this you are able to enjoy a clearer and crisper look. Having frames often leads to a lot of fitting issues. There are people who get wooden frames fitted here but the wrong installation only means issues with the complete look. Thanks to the seamless finish that you get here, you can be assured of finesse that is worth of many more looks.

Option to get frames fitted

Most people prefer getting these frameless glass balustrades because at the end of the day they want to keep the option of getting them fitted later. What happens here is that you get the flexibility to install frames later and thus change the look of your house whenever you want. It can be either metal or wood or any other material of your choice.

The feel of a bigger space

If you like to live large on smaller spaces, especially the balconies and decks with restricted moving areas, then these frameless glasses are ideal for you. As they are absolutely clear and frameless you get the feeling of continuity, which in turn helps your deck or patio appear bigger. With the use of these, the smaller balconies seem to be more spacious.

Frameless Glass


With these frameless glasses, there are plenty of options available when it comes to the designs. For example, you can easily go for a complete floor to raise balustrade that starts right at the floor. In other cases, you can get a few inches of stone or wood installed and then install the balustrades on them. Doing so gives you the dual advantage of using the space as a seating area and also brings more sturdiness to the area.

Durability and low maintenance

A lot of people are under the assumption and also worry about the safety of frameless glass. However, that is really not true. These glasses are very much safe and sturdy too. Although they are not the same as steel or iron but they do provide you with durability and sustainability. They are not prone to breakage. And, the low maintenance factor is an added bonus. For example, you can just clean the glass using simple soap water or even with a clean cloth. Moreover, they don’t scratch easily too.

All in all, with the frameless glass you are able to create a gorgeous appeal that helps to redefine the boundaries of your home. Do remember that you pick a durable style of glass and buy them from reputed vendors. They would not only manage the installation smoothly but ensure double safety. Considering that they are glass and not metal, being a little extra care would help to minimize the hassles of problematic fittings too.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Top 5 Interior Designs for Millennials: High Style, Low Cost

Tracey Clayton is on the blog today to share some ideas about Interior Designs for Millennials. These are some great ideas. Enjoy!


When it comes to interior design, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 is more demanding but also more value-oriented than any generation before. Marketing expert and author, Ann Fishman, says that objects re-purposed as furniture pieces once popular in starter apartments are a thing of the past. Millennials have a well-developed sense of taste; they are interested in fashion and style, but also love bargains and quality items on a low budget. With that in mind, let’s look at the five most popular design trends for the millennial generation.

Genuine brands

The question of companies’ transparency and honesty has never been more important. Young people want to know that products and services they are purchasing come from companies that are committed to environmental issues, social justice and healthy living. Millennials expect businesses to be socially responsible, and they don’t have a problem with quickly dismissing the brands that are only interested in making profits. On the furniture level, this leads to a higher demand for more authentic brands with transparent policies. Millennials are willing to pay more for great designs, but won’t allow to be overcharged for items that are poorly designed or built only because the company plants a tree for every purchased lounge.    

Flexible decors

The U.S. Census Bureau Vacancies and Homeownership Survey of 2014 has shown a dramatic drop in home ownership for people under 35. Surprisingly, reasons are not only economic. The millennial generation loves to rent, and if better opportunities arise or the rent becomes too high, they have no problem packing their things and moving to a nicer place. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they want flexible designs that allow them to take their furniture along or rearrange it to fit their new home. Much less than buying new furniture, redecorating for millennials often means mixing things up a bit. Flexibility also includes the ability to combine different designs.

Personalized items

One size fits all doesn’t apply to millennials. They value companies that offer large-scale product customization. For a generation that is trying so hard to carve out their own identity and space, customized interiors are an important aspect of living. The ability to design a wall covering or a coffee table set allows millennials to express their personal taste on more than one level. What is more, that personalization often translates into a unique mixture of decorating styles. Millennials’ homes can have a collection of boldly combined styles from vintage, to modern. TV shows like Mad Men have popularized the Minimalism of the 1950s beyond expectations.  

Functional spaces

With the increased cost of living space, whether owned or rented, millennials have adopted functionality as an essential aspect of design. Many of them are likely to work from home, and they need a space that can serve as both their office and their place of rest. Folding chairs that can dub as coat hangers, bike mounts-bookshelves, an ironing board-mirror or a sofa that transforms into a pair of bunk beds are only a few examples of multi-functional furniture that can save people from buying items for specific purposes only. Having furniture like this, millennials are able to stay organized while enjoying the minimalist design.

Less is more

Finally, another trend that was inspired by urban dwelling and limited spaces in need of decoration. Millennials value designs that are light and small, so they can make a statement even in smaller apartments. To make up for the size, millennials often opt for unusual shapes or bold colours like abstract floor rugs they find online or other items that can instantly attract anyone’s attention. Smaller pieces are also convenient when it comes to moving.

Designing a space in true millennial fashion is all about finding items of value that offer a lot of customization and can fit into your story. The ability to combine different styles comes from the millennial way of life, often sharing their rented living space and moving to communities that are more likeable. The best part is that people of all generations can learn something from these functional designs and improve their interior spaces as well as their way of life.    

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. She’s also passionate about fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Great Outdoors: 7 Beautiful Ideas for Outdoor Furnishing

Chloe Taylor is here to share some great ideas on furnishings for your outdoor space. I love our outdoor space and enjoy it most when friends and family are comfortably ensconced. Thanks for the great ideas Chloe!

Image 1.jpegSource:
Having a backyard and not using it for spending time relaxing or entertaining friends is a true waste of resources. If the area where you live in has at least couple of months of sunny and pleasant weather, you should take advantage of it. However, spending time outdoors no longer mean that you will sit on logs or improvised benches. Exterior furnishing had evolved into equally stylish affair like the interior, and you can really be creative and have some fun with it. So, if you are ready to elevate your backyard into an extension of your house’s décor, here are seven amazing ideas for outdoor furnishing.

Napping outside

How we use our outdoor space has changed a lot, and besides mere sitting and gathering, people are searching for absorbing fresh air and the sun while taking a nap. Now, you can’t take a nap on an outdoor chair or a bench, but if you like to get your shuteye while outside, you can consider getting a daybed – circular cushioned island, that not only gives you the chance to relax, but also makes a striking design element.

Complex furniture

Image 2.jpegSource:
One of the main features of outdoor furniture as we used to know it is simplicity – pieces made of single material, such as wood or iron. These days, we’ll be seeing a lot more complex furniture made of two or more materials (e.g. steel, metal, and rope). Such pieces are more complex to produce and have more design details.

Everything cushiony

Image 3.jpegSource:
New age outdoor furniture won’t allow you to sit uncomfortably on hard surfaces. Most of the renowned furniture manufacturers, such as Robert Plumb, are creating lounges, sofas, armchairs, ottomans, pool lounges and daybeds that feature high-quality foam cushions combined with durable and comfortable covers, which are really a worthy investment.

Pallet craze

Furnishing your patio can be done on a shoestring budget, and the pallet DIY furniture is only proving that point. If you have some extra pallets on your hands or know a place where you can get them for a bargain, you can repurpose them into anything ranging from corner bench to daybed. The best thing about pallets is that they’re very versatile: you can leave them as they are for a rustic natural look, or paint them white for a shabby-chic feel.

The fire element

Image 4.jpgSource:
In the ancient times, people would gather around the fire to tell their stories and sing their songs. Today, nothing has changed, except the fire features became much more elegant. If you love to be trendy, then consider getting a linear or rectangular fireplace to enhance your backyard. If, on the other hand, you lean more on the traditional side (and want to save money) you can build your own fire pit.

Cover up

Shade makes an essential part of the outdoor furnishing process, but not only because it creates a unique aesthetic zone, but also because it protects the furniture from the elements. There are various different approaches to covering up your furniture and shielding yourself from the sun.
Image 5.jpgSource:
Oversized umbrellas are a very affordable option, but if you have some material, extra time on your hands, and construction skills, you can even go with something more eye-catching like a pergola.

Finishing touches

It’s never enough to simply arrange your outdoor furniture around the fire element and leave it like that. To create a truly homey and enchanting atmosphere, you will need to devote some attention to the details like lighting and accessories. You can save on lighting by using the trees nearby or pergola structure to wrap some string lights around, but you can also go with solar torches or lanterns. In the end, you can always add more décor elements like candles, fresh flowers, artwork, mirrors and houseplants.
Image 6.jpgSource:

Preparing your backyard for the hot season doesn’t have to be expensive or demanding. These seven ideas will show you where to save and where to splurge, and how to turn your backyard into an oasis it was always meant to be.