Sunday, June 4, 2017

Considerable Benefits of 2 Pack Kitchen Doors

Emma Smith is here today on the blog to share her ideas about 2 pack kitchen doors and their benefit. What a great idea for the heart of the home!

Paints play an important role in our day to day life. They are used to coat surface which last longer and look aesthetically more valuable. The basic design of paints involves a base and the pigment. The base is usually a resin in which pigments are suspended. These pigments give rise to the colors that we know of. The base usually contains a thinner which is a volatile organic solvent and used to keep the paint fluid enough to be applied easily. After application, the thinner evaporate starts leaving behind a coat of paint. Now depending upon the resilience of the resin used in the paint, paints can guarantee protection starting from a year or two to a 7-year guarantee period.

The latest innovation in the field is the development of 2 pack paints.  Contrary to the normal cellulose based paints which involve evaporation of the thinner to give a coat of cellulose based paint, 2 pack paints involve two systems which must be mixed to make the paint. One of the systems is the acrylic, polyurethane or epoxide resin base. This segment carries the pigment along with it and is the coat of the paint which is left after painting. Another segment of this paint is the hardener. The name clarifies enough. This segment when mixed with the resin base causes it to harden it. This leads to harder coats of paint. This was primarily employed in the automobile industry.

But, with the turn of years and in the advent of improved technologies, 2 pack painting is now being applied in the areas which need beauty along with durability. This led to the utilization of the painting technique in the preparation of 2 pack kitchen doors. These doors are beautiful as they are sturdy and resilient to wear and damage.

The benefits of 2 pack kitchen doors over conventional and vinyl kitchen doors are as follows:

  • No Peeling: Since the paint hardens and settles on the surface and form a hard coat, there is no chance of air entrapping while painting. This also means that the previous coats don’t need to be removed while applying new coat.

  • Wide Range of Color: The secondary colors used in the preparation of 2 pack kitchen doors can be easily created from primary. This essentially gives a vast variety of colors from which the best option can be chosen. This also means that the kitchen door to be coated will have an automobile like gleam and polish.

  • 2 pack kitchen doors don’t need to be upgraded and maintained quite often as other categories of doors doesn’t possess the strength and stability which is provided by the 2 pack kitchen doors. In addition to this, these doors do not often chip from the edges. And even if they do, a simple coat of fresh paint covers up any problem.

  • It is very easy to clean. One swipe the damp cloth can remove any accumulating dust lodged on the door.

  • Since the 2 pack painting technique provides with resilient coats of paint, the profiles of the doors look quite crisp and sharp.

The only downside of these doors is its price. 2 pack kitchen doors are often twice as costly as the conventional lacquer doors or vinyl doors.  Although vinyl doors possess many similarity with the 2 pack doors like they also don’t need a flat surface for the application of the paint. So, if you need a beautiful but a durable kitchen door, with no restraints on the budget, 2 pack kitchen doors is absolutely the thing for you.


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