Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Inspired This Summer Season with Brilliant Garden Patio Designs

Lara Buck is here today to share some ideas on a Garden Patio, check out these great ideas.

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because many people wait for the warmer months to come so that they can enjoy the bright sunny weather with near and dear ones. People enjoy the bright clear sky and the warm outdoors in this season. Having well decorated garden patios can be absolutely blissful for summer loving people as a backyard or lawn patio is a place where you can host a summer picnic or even a party without interfering with your indoors.

Garden Patios

For people loving summers, having attractive garden patios is a must. The more you put your effort in patio designing, the more credibility you can show. An attractive summer patio can make your neighbours become green with jealousy while it can increase the real estate value of your property at the same time. Garden patio comes in different sizes and shapes depending on the land mass available. Most people believe in the false notion that it has to be massive. All it needs to be is neat, airy, look bright, filled with lots of sunlight and look spacious. You can let your creativity and your imagination run wild while designing your summer patios.

Few important things to consider regarding designing garden patios for welcoming summer

  • Be careful with your patio furniture: Summer months demand more spacious and airy ambience than a cosy one. The trick here is to organize your patio furniture in a neat manner so that nothing can look overcrowded. You can do a lot with your patio furniture by choosing the right ones and placing them in the right way. Things like sofas, lounge chairs, normal chairs, tables, mats, carpets, pillows etc. are essential for designing a comfortable and attractive garden patio. It is especially important for summer months.

  • Experiment with colours of patio furniture: You can select your furniture based on available space. Go for sectional things if space crunch is there; otherwise, you can run wild with options if your space and budget permits. Go for summer friendly eye-popping colours for your furniture. Mix and match bold summer colours giving a preference to the neutral to lighter and brighter shades of yellow, green, blue, pink, white, beige and orange. You may choose to go monochrome as well but be careful not to make your summer patios look dull. Eye popping colours are best for summer season.

Garden Patios

  • Keep your patio well lit: Summer months are all about bright lights. Hence, when you design your garden patios for these months, keep the outdoor lights in mind. Fireplace is a big add-on to the patio. But apart from that you can decorate your patio with string lights, luminescent bulbs, lanterns etc. There are a massive variety of lamps to choose from. You can select lighting options that complement your patio well. Patios must be always radiantly decorated with bright lights.

  • Keep the summer patio shaded: Shades are important and most integral part of the garden patio especially for summer. While you want your patio to be brightly lit with natural light you surely don’t want the scorching heat of the sun to intrude into your fun picnic. It is thus always recommended to add a shade to your patio. The shade can be tinged or semi-transparent to allow light in but to keep the extensive heat away.

There are various designs and theme options available as far as garden patio for summer is concerned. Some prefer beach themed patios that are inspired by the sea-side theme. Many prefer Asian themed, Italian themed, Greece themed or contemporary themed patios as well.


  1. It's true that summer is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because many people wait for the warmer months to come so that they can enjoy the bright sunny weather with near and dear ones. I learned a lot from here. I enjoyed it and I'll definitely use these tips in my next project.

    1. Thanks Lindsey for the comment. I am so glad it was helpful