Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Seducing starts with your skin

Clara Smart is here to share some ideas on how to take care of your skin. These are perfect since Summer is officially here and it will be rough on your skin. Great ideas from Clara!

A woman gets a lot of compliments in her life, but there is something special when a man compliments her skin. A touch is an ultimate way to connect with our partner, but also with a stranger who accidentally brushed his hand of yours while passing by.

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A woman’s skin is a reflection of her love for herself. It shows how much time and effort she gives to herself and how she sees herself. If you disagree, then simply think about the time you tried on a new cream or product that made your skin so soft and gentle, that you’ve spent your whole day simply touching your skin or feeling it.
But a skin like this doesn’t come by itself, so a few tips and tricks can make a world of difference.
  1. Moisturize
Moisturizing is the key. If you want your skin to feel smooth and taken care of, then you need to feed it. Find the right skin-care product for your skin type and honor a certain routine when it comes to taking care of your skin. Give your skin extra attention after it has been exposed to sun or after showering, because this is when our skin feels the driest.

  1. Avoid sun
Avoiding sun is probably the best way to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Even though tanned skin was once considered to be a must, the aristocratic complexion is now considered to be, not only more healthy but also more beautiful.
Sun dries our skin out, not to mention the possible dangers of skin diseases and other complications that can appear after too much exposure to sun. So, keep your skin safe and avoid being exposed to the sun too much.
  1. Healthy lifestyle
That natural glow that you see on other women is not only coming from the outside, it comes from their nutrition and exercise too. Leading a healthy lifestyle, without too much alcohol and unhealthy foods, is another key to achieving that great youthful and radiant looking skin. Not to mention that great feeling of satisfaction with yourself, after you know that you have taken good care of your body. Sleeping hours are precious and may be the key to your own natural glow but using an anti-wrinkle night cream can be a free ticket to some girl out nights.
  1. Zen time
When you are stressed and unhappy, that will show up on your skin. This is why it is important to devote some time to relaxation, whatever this means for you. Whether this is a shopping day with your friends, or a nice few hours of meditation and yoga, choose your thing and give yourself some time off.

  1. Razor danger
Be careful when you choose your razors and go for the ones that are a little bit more expensive or at least for the ones with more razors inside them. This way, you are going to avoid getting sharp cuts on your beautiful skin.
These were some of the tips you can apply to boost your seductive game, when it comes to skin. Add a drop of perfume to your perfect glowing skin and no man will be able to resist your seduction.


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