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How to Educate Your Kids on PCI Online Safety

Sean Lockwood is guest hosting on the blog today about keeping your kids safe online! The safety of our children is paramount, especially online. Check out these great tips.

In the modern, digital world, children are increasingly coming into contact with the internet, playing games, joining social media platforms, and communicating with strangers online. Whether your child is making new friends on Facebook, through video games, or they are surfing the internet in search of products to buy, you definitely want them to adhere to the basics of online safety and security.
Fortunately, the world has gone a long way in protecting your personal information from hackers and online scammers, yet your children cannot inherently be aware of these dangers without prior education and training. Here are the best ways to educate your children on online safety.

Set up Parent Locks

First and foremost, it is better to be safe than sorry, and no matter how much your child follows your instructions, you still want to impose parental locks wherever is needed. Websites that contain graphic content, portray violence, alcohol and drug abuse or strong language are encouraged to have a parental lock.
However, bear in mind that that no matter how much you restrict certain content, a developing mind will find a way to experience it. It is better to educate your child on the negative aspects of alcohol or drugs before they get the chance to experience them firsthand.

Keep Privacy Settings High

Your child might not be aware of it, but social media platforms are the perfect places for online abuse, scams and identity thefts, to name a few. That’s why you need to not only have your child’s social media passwords so that you can monitor their activity if they are still too young to handle the responsibility themselves, but you also need to increase their privacy settings to the max.
So make sure their online accounts are private, their photos can be seen, shared, or liked by their friends only, and make sure they understand the importance of only adding people they personally know to their circle of friends.

Make their Online Payments Safe

If a child wants something, they will find a way to get it if not properly educated on the possible consequences. Online shopping and financial transactions have become a way of life in the modern world, and adults are not the only ones making online payments on a daily basis any more.
Children are increasingly using online currency, and sadly, their parent’s credit or debit cards without their knowledge. Moreover, even if your child is not using your credit card for personal payments, you still need to protect your finances.
Children are increasingly in need of private tuition courses in order to get into preferred schools, or they need personalized products that could only be obtained online, and you need to put an end to possible frauds by only sending payments to trusted merchants. That means that your child needs to understand what PCI Compliance is and that every website needs to adhere to the PCI DSS system in order for the transactions to be safe and secure. Do not let your child send payments to untrusted websites.

Teach them Vigilance

In the end, it is important for a child to understand that there is no privacy in the 21st century. One way or another, an interested person will find out who they are, and if they are not careful, their personal information such as their phone number, address, or school.
That is why you child needs to understand the importance of keeping their private information to themselves, communicating only to people they know, and that under no circumstances should they meet with people from social media, no matter the alleged prize. Try not to scare your children into becoming paranoid or perpetually frightened, rather take the time to make sure they understand the benefits of vigilance.

Online safety is of the utmost importance in the digital world, for children and adults alike. By teaching your children these essential rules of online security, you are not only protecting them from harm, but you are safeguarding your entire family as well.

6 Tips to Choose the Right Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet doors can be a hard decision, one of the hardest if you are at all like me and are picky about color, texture and lighting. Adam Wilson has 6 tips in how to get what you are really looking for. Check out the article, share your thoughts. How did you pick your cabinets?


Looking to renovate your kitchen? If yes, there are various things that you need to take into consideration. Just like the kitchen tiles and counter tops, you need to be careful when choosing replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Choosing the right cabinet doors can make your kitchen both eye-catching and functional. With the replacement cabinet doors, you will not need to buy cabinets and simply replace the existing doors with the new doors. Let us check out tips to choose such cabinet doors. There are various ideas in kitchen cabinet doors available.

#1 Have a Look at The Color Options

There are many color options available in kitchen cabinet doors. When you approach a company for the doors, check out the range of colors. Manufacturers do make the replacement kitchen cabinet doors in different styles using different materials. If you see all the options, you will perhaps choose an attractive one. The style, color, and material will need to be considered when making a choice.

#2 Choose the Raised Panel Style of Kitchen Cabinets

If you wish to add dimension to your kitchen cabinets, you might choose the raised style of kitchen doors. This style beautifully raises the carved edges and also the middle panel to add visual detail and depth to the cabinet. So, in a way, the cabinet will look stylish and attractive. This is the classic kind of cabinetry featuring raised panel. The raised panel is very much in style and seems to never move out of fashion.

#3 Consider the Style of Your Existing Cabinet

When you are choosing replacement kitchen cabinet doors, you need to ensure that you consider the existing style of your kitchen cabinet doors. For instance, if the kitchen has a modern design, do not choose a country cabinet kitchen door. Choose the doors that can match the style of your kitchen. If you want a bit of contrast, choose frosted door glass.

#4 Make the Cabinet Doors Appealing

You may employ your creativity to make the replacement kitchen cabinet doors appear outstanding. Select the door that is based on your cupboard unit. If you want more stylish looks, you may place orders for customized kitchen cabinets having doors made from various materials. There can be different color coatings all through to make the appearance stylish. In case the cabinet is cheap in quality, you need to choose the door that is sophisticated.

#5 The Purpose of Using Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Door

When it comes to kitchens, the cabinet door is replaced commonly. As the cabinets hold glasses, dishes, cookware, every time the members of the family will need to close and open the doors to access the items. Thus, the doors need to undergo wear and tear. So, the replacement kitchen cabinet doors will become a necessity in the kitchen as they are easy to replace. Kitchen remodeling and renovation gets easier when you have replacement doors.

#6 Kitchen Cabinet Doors to Transform the Look of The Kitchen

Replacement kitchen doors may totally change the appearance of the kitchen. However, the choice of the door must be perfect depending on what you currently have in your kitchen and the kind of ambiance that you want to get. If cabinets cover most part of the walls, go for replacement doors to dramatically transform the looks so that whenever you walk in here, you will feel comfortable and lively.

By following the above tips, you will be able to choose the perfect cabinet doors for the kitchen. You can also compare the rates of the doors to save money.

List of House Cleaning Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

Ian Pearson has some great ideas for those tough carpet stains and for cleaning all those hard to reach places. Check out some of these tips and don't forget to clean your A/C as well.


There are numerous ways you can approach your house cleaning. Some folks do it room by room, systematically, others skip this and that, but most often a major house cleaning is a lengthy process. But does it have to be so?

There are literally thousands of different ideas, tips, tricks and suggestions on house cleaning. From a quick tidy, right through to whipping out the steam cleaner. We’ve collected some of those in order to show you that something as uninteresting as house cleaning can become something fun and useful at the same time. So let’s dive in.

Use baking soda

Baking soda has amazing capabilities when it comes to cleaning. It helps remove various types of old and new stains from different materials; it helps remove hard water induced scales from your kitchen and bathroom hardware; it can help with drain unclogging with no invasive methods that would cause some kind of damage to your water pipes, basically – baking soda is a power tool for DIY house cleaning.

With the use of vinegar, baking soda can help unclog even the intensively clogged pipes, while placing it by the towels, or near the area for drying the clothes, helps remove unpleasant smells from the surrounding.

Dust and clean your ceiling fan and your A/C filters

Ceiling fans can be great, but they accumulate a lot of dust, which inevitably gets dispersed through the room for everyone to freely breathe in. Air conditioning filters tend to emit unpleasant smells if they are not regularly cleaned, especially after they haven’t been used for a while.

Use an old pillowcase to properly dust off the ceiling fan, as pulling it over the blade makes sure all the dust remains in the pillowcase rather than to fly all over your house. Use anti-static products to prevent the fans from the further accumulation of the dust. Keep in mind that these products don’t last very long. Also, before using your A/C system, make sure you’ve properly cleaned the filter, as they tend to absorb a lot of bad smells due to the carbon within.

Get rid of unpleasant smells

Unpleasant smells are probably the biggest problem for most of the homeowners. Sometimes they can indicate a serious problem, but usually, they can be avoided and treated with ease. If the smell is too strong and it threatens to infiltrate your furniture, maybe you ought to move the furniture into some of supercheap self storage units until the issues are resolved.

We’ve already covered the part about baking soda and how it affects the smells from its surroundings, but even using simple lemons can help quite a lot. Putting few pieces of lemon in the cold water and heating it in your microwave oven removes the unpleasant smells from long uses, and it helps you remove those greasy stains. Adding lemon to the washing water helps dissolve fats faster, and it completely absorbs the bad smells from the applied area.

Use rubber glove for fur removal

All pet owners know how stressful can something like removing fur from your furniture can be. There are various ways, and tons of quite expensive tools made for that purpose, but there is a great and quite cheap solution for this.

To put it simply – rubber gloves. Using rubber gloves to remove the fur from your furniture is quite easy, and extremely cost effective. Just put on your glove and go over the area filled with your pet’s fur. You can move in circular motions in order to make that fur come out easily.

Clean those old carpet stains

Stained carpets give that feeling of being worn out. There are some ways you can approach the stain removal, and we always recommend using professional help, but there are also some cheaper ways for less serious stains.

One of the great ways to take out the hard stains from your carpet is using toothpaste. For greasier stains using the dishwasher with warm water and sponge with cold can do the trick, but it takes some time.

Learn some general tricks

When it comes to small cleaning chores, you can pick up a lot of great tips. For example – using rice is the best way to cheaply clean your coffee grinder, without using any products.

Using baby powder can help you untangle those headphones and jewelry. Microfiber does miracles when it comes to cleaning the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, and using coffee filters to clean your monitors and TV set is the best way to keep them clean and without any damage, other products could cause.


There is a lot you can do to make your house cleaning easier, but you should always start with a concrete plan. Focus on a single task – floor cleaning for example. Clean all the floors in the house before starting the next chore. It will help you keep focus and save time. And some of these tips may even lead you to discover something new for yourself.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Rendering?

Daisy Andrew is talking today about Acrylic Rendering. If you don't know what this is because I didn't either. Check out this great article. It can add real beauty to your home.
Are you thinking of having the exterior of your home painted? Surely then you would be looking for a finish that is both attractive and durable. Many have nowadays started using acrylic rendering to have the exterior of their home painted. Now you can easily apply this acrylic rendering on your exterior and interior walls. These solutions can have coated on the walls and protect your home from harsh climate. Normal paints can easily get affected by harsh climate and you need to apply some acrylic rendering on these walls to prevent damages.  

What is Acrylic Rendering?

Acrylic Rendering

An acrylic render is basically the type of render that uses acrylic. Acrylic is a type of plastic. The addition of acrylic makes the render a lot stronger and flexible than the usual render mixed available in the market. This means that this render is a lot less likely to crack after it has been applied. Now you can easily do this painting by using acrylic sprays and layering on the walls, and in this case, you need to hire some acrylic painters to do this task more professionally.  

Advantages of Acrylic Rendering

The biggest advantage of applying acrylic rendering to the exterior of your home is the fact that it is very unlikely that this render will crack. Acrylic rendering is a durable paint and you will get best longevity of these painting. Due to various reasons, the walls in your home constantly expand and contract and this is a cause of worry to many renders. But, this is one thing that you will not have to worry. Due to its flexibility, the render holds steady and maintains that amazing look.

  • Acrylic rendering gives you the leverage to color as per your choice. This render is very attractive and can be applied in a range of ways.  You can also create different finishes with this paint.  For example, you could choose to opt for a finish that is as smooth as concrete or maybe go for a textured finish, which ever suits you. Additionally, you can apply acrylic rendering on a range of other areas like painted walls, concrete, timber and others.

  • Acrylic render is also incredibly fast drying, taking just a few days to cure instead of up to a month like traditional render.  At the same time, it is also water resistant and will not succumb to bacteria and fungus.

Acrylic renders also allow the material underneath the render to breathe. This is extremely important because it affects the home directly. By letting the material breather, the acrylic render allows for a drier and in turn a healthier home.

How to Apply an Acrylic Render?

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  • First apply your base coat and ensure it is flat and uniform. There should be no trowel marks on the surface and the thickness should be consistent.

  • Next, apply a coat of primer once the base coat has dried. After the primer is dry take your top coat renders and ensures it is properly mixed and prepared. You can then apply the render using a steel trowel.

  • Flatten the render with your trowel until the first set is achieved. Ones the curing starts, the render will skin over. It is important to remove the excess render before the curing starts.

  • Now you will need to go back over the render with an acrylic trowel and remove any excess render. What this will do is flatten the render and reduce its thickness to just more than the aggregate size. i.e. for a 1.5mm render this will end up between 1.5mm and 2.0mm thick.

Lastly, make sure there are no drips or trowel marks on the render.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Few tips on how to clean your clear patio blinds

Oliva Wilson has some great ideas on how to clean your clear patio blinds. Blinds can be a challenge so check out these great tips.

Having clear patio blinds is definitely a privilege. They act as a protection from various natural elements, enhance the style and value of your home, give you the privacy that you desire, are extremely versatile and very easy to use. Due to their constant exposure to the environment, clear patio blinds can become dirty and this can also effect its durability.

Clear Patio Blinds

Here are a few tips on how you can clean your clear patio blinds:

  1. While cleaning both sides of the fabric present in the binds, using a soft cloth and water on a regular basis helps keep the fabric clean. You can use a hose occasionally, to clean the blinds with fresh cold water. An important thing to keep in mind is while rolling the blind up, you will need to ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry.

  1. Clear blinds can be exposed to both harsh rain and scorching sun. This can cause its PVC film to vent off and thus, over time, result in the blinds aging and also affecting its clarity. However, if the blinds are rolled up, then it becomes extremely important to unwind them and lay them down flat. This is to be done on a regular basis to help in extending the flexibility and clarity of its PVC films. It is recommended that the blinds be brought down for at least 48 hours at any one time.

  1. If the blinds are required to be rolled up for a long period, then they need to be drop down for an equal amount of time. This is necessary because long keeping the blinds rolled up for long periods leave the PVC film to emboss and leave roller markings.

  1. A cleaning regime surely will help to maintain the clarity of the blind to a certain degree, however, it must be noted that the all the blinds surfaces must not be exposed to chemical compounds which can damage the surface of the PVC. It has been found that neutral diluted detergents are the best method you can use to remove strains and marks from the clear patio blinds.

Clear Patio Blinds

Recommended cleaning process

You can use the following recommended cleaning processes:

  1. Use a cleaning cloth when wiping to avoid any scratches. You can use the same to remove any particles on the surface of the material.

  1. You must use a soft fabric cloth and diluted warm water based detergent solution (in the ratio of 1:10) to clean the blinds. 1 part detergent, 10 part water. This will ensure that the PVC isn’t damaged.

  1. Rinse the blinds completely with fresh water and then wipe with a dry soft, lint free cloth or you can use a sponge to take out the dirt and dust from the intricate portions of the blinds.

You will find cleaning agents that are commercially available for clear patio blinds. It is important to verify the quality of the products and the impact they have on the blinds and the PVC.

How To remove tough stains?
  1. You must mix a low concentration of household detergent in lukewarm water. The ration for this is 1:20, i.e. 1 part household detergent and 20 part lukewarm water. Ensure that the detergents do not have an solvents

  1. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the solution to the blinds. Once you have cleaned it, rinse off all the remaining residue with fresh, cold water.

Finally, if the household tricks do not work properly, then you can surely go through the guidelines given in the clear patio blinds user manual, or hire some specialists for ensuring a smooth maintenance of the entire set of clear patio blinds.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Care and Maintain Your Bamboo Flooring?

Lara Buck is here sharing some ideas on how to keep your Bamboo floors clean. Any momma knows that summer involves extra dirt from the family. Keeping things clean can be a challenge. Check out these great tips.

Bamboo is a natural flooring material which increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. These are pretty affordable and can be maintained easily. It is quite similar to hardwood floors. The hardness of the bamboo floors largely depends on the process that is employed for manufacturing it. However, after it has been installed, you need to take good care of the bamboo flooring to ensure durability and longevity.

# Tips to clean the Bamboo Floors
In order to prevent damage and minimise the time, here are some tips to clean bamboo floors
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Bamboo Flooring
  • You need to clean the floors once in a week. Even though there are other maintenance works that needs to be taken care of, cleaning the floors each week will help in keeping the floor in optimal condition. Apart from sweeping, you should lightly mop the floor. For this, you can use a small amount of water. Avoid non-alkaline cleaners and wax as it might affect the floor finish.  If you use water, wring the mop thoroughly prior to using it on the floor. If moisture seeps in between the planks then it might cause damage to the floors.

  • If you have to clean a spill that is sticky and glued, first use a dry cloth to remove it as much as you can. Thereafter, wipe off the remaining spill with the help of a damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing as it will push the material into the flooring surface. Blot the spot several times till the spill gets cleared off completely. After this, dry it with the help of a soft cloth for preventing further damage. The sooner you attend to the pills the lesser are the chances of damage.

# Maintenance of Bamboo Floors
Maintenance is the best way to take care of the bamboo floors. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis and taking precautions will prevent damage. It also helps in preserving the beauty of the floor.
  • You should sweep the bamboo flooring with a soft cloth once in a day. If possible, you should sweep it once in the morning and once in the night. If you spill something on the floor, you need to take care of it immediately. Dirt and dust on the floors will be pushed around as people will walk across the room. This, in turn, can lead to scratches. Over time, the scratches will give the floors an old and worn out look.
  • Even though bamboo floor is resistant to scratches and dents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is impervious. If you wear stilettos and heels and walk on the floors then it will boost the process of wear and tear.

# Tips to Keep the Bamboo Floors Clean
Keeping the bamboo floor clean is not anything different from the other kinds of flooring options. However, there are some differences that are to be noted.
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Bamboo Flooring
  • Wooden floors tend to accumulate dust in a faster pace compared to other alternatives. To avoid the same, you should not wear shoes inside the house. You can keep mats at doorways and ask people to wipe their feet or take of their shoes before entering the house. You can wear slippers at home for protecting your feet. Make sure that you clean the mat and the shoes on a regular basis for preventing dust, pebbles, and dirt from being transferred.
  • Even though bamboo flooring is durable enough and is well-suited for high traffic areas, it is a good idea to use rugs in high traffic areas for avoiding wear and tear.

Avoid using any kind of commercial products for cleaning the bamboo floors. This is because it may cause damage to the floors. Also, do not use any abrasive materials like steel, wool or pot scrubbers.

Monday, July 24, 2017

You're Not Satisfied with Your Career? Change It!

Tracey Clayton is here to share some ideas on what to do if you find yourself unhappy in your current position. I loved this advice, I often find myself dreaming of something different.


“So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.” Peter Gibbons, Office Space (1999)
If your work is making you feel the same as poor old Peter Gibbons, a character from the 1999 comedy movie Office Space, then perhaps it is the perfect time to reconsider your career choice. Making enough money to lead a good life is the main purpose of a job, but when does your personal satisfaction come into play and is it even important? Of course it is. Doing a job you don’t like can make you more stressed out and lead to a number of physical and mental issues. However, it is understandable that making the big leap of changing your career is also stressful. So let us help you weigh your options.

Is staying on your current job worth it?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself if you are considering a career change. Are there any good sides of your current employment, besides the fact that it is a relatively secure position? Are there enough pros to outweigh the cons? Keep in mind, though, that not all pros and cons weigh the same. Sure, financial stability is important, but compared to your health, it is hardly a priority. If you are feeling miserable and sad every time you need to leave your bed and go to work, there is no amount of money in this world that could compensate for that. If your job is sucking the life out of you and making you feel insecure about every little decision you make, the consequences of long-term exposure to such emotions could be devastating. So, to answer the main question: it is not worth it.

It’s OK to be afraid

We are all afraid of change, and it is perfectly normal to feel fear especially if you’ve been doing the same job for years and you are already used to all the negativity that comes along with it. Still, sometimes you have to break the circle. Don’t shy away from fear, embrace it. Use it to remain realistic. Without fear, you would quit your job without even considering what to do next. This way, you can start exploring your options and planning your future while still getting your monthly paycheck.

What do you really want to do?

This is something you should decide before you actually quit your current job. It is the answer that sets apart reality from daydreaming, so be prepared to actually think everything through. Discovering your true profession becomes more difficult with years, but you can try to identify it by remembering what you loved when you were a kid, or try considering the things you are good at. Once you have one, or a few choices, think about how realistic they are. Maybe you will not be able to fulfill your childhood dream of being an astronaut, but becoming a journalist is not that far out of your reach.

Now go for it!

After a period of extensive consideration and preparations, it is the perfect time to actually leave your old job behind, and pursue your dreams elsewhere. At the beginning, it will not be what you were hoping for, since most jobs require experience and for some, you must obtain a degree, but after that, you will have a lifetime to do what you love. If you need to start university, begin on time since all university admissions call for impressive knowledge and training, and perhaps you will need some assistance with that. You should also be willing to volunteer at first and absorb all the knowledge you can get. After that, getting your dream job shouldn’t be so difficult.

You are not condemned to spend your days in an office you hate, doing a job that makes you feel miserable and putting up with your demanding boss. There are no chains binding you to that position, all you need to do is decide to make a change. If you have a feeling where you would like to speak to a counselor or a therapist for some online counseling. Check out this article.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. She’s also passionate about fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”