Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3 Ways to Use Concrete in Your Garden

Lara Buck is sharing some ideas on adding concrete in your garden. Gardens can be alot of work but end up adding such beauty to your yard. Thanks for the great tips.

Maintaining a garden is very labor intensive. Since most of the garden’s furniture and other items are exposed to harsh elements of the weather, the garden can become worn out. This is why concrete is one of the best materials for outdoor gardens. It is close to impossible to find a sturdy and steady material that can resist any kind of weather. Along with this, concrete is a very low maintenance material. If you just hire a professional concreter who has the curbing machine, the concrete trailer and the operator, then the whole work of using the concrete to the best possible means can be achieved.  

Concrete - Garden

3 unique ways to use concrete in garden

Concrete Spheres

These spheres are cool, sophisticated, and surprisingly very delicate for an object that is created out of concrete. Also, these spheres can be built very easily. These spheres act as excellent plant pots and also double up as candle holders for summer nights.

  • These spheres are built in the same way as covering balloons with papier Mache (the ones that we built in school). All the person has to do is cover a ball in Vaseline and put concrete over the ball and allow the concrete to dry.
  • This same process can be followed until many more layers can be added for the object to look spherical and sturdy. The entire process will take a lot of time because moving from one layer to the next takes few days.
  • Finally, the ball can be deflated right in the end and some cement can be used to fill in if small cracks come up. The sphere can be left hollow or it can be painted to map back to the color of the furniture in the garden.

Plant Pots Made of Concrete

If an individual has old tea towels that he/she is planning to dispose, they can be converted into beautiful plant pots. All the individual has to do here is properly mix the concrete and completely soak the towel in the concrete. After this the towel should be draped over a bucket and should be properly dried. The concrete can be poured into the bucket into the shape of a table or can be turned upside down to make unique looking plant pots.

Concrete curbing for the decoration of home

The new age homeowners are now also opting for high quality concrete curbing where they can get significant improvement in terms of the outdoor areas of their home. With concrete curbing in multiple colors, they can also raise the resale value of their home. This is process where concrete curbing is done along the garden areas, and concrete edging done along the paths of the garden, thus beautifying the entire garden all at once.


Some people use the humble looking cinder concrete blocks to decorate their gardens. As it is made of concrete, these blocks lack the attractiveness factor. However, these blocks make up by being affordable, durable, and versatile. Each block costs a little more than a dollar and if some creativity is used these blocks can be used to make the outdoor area look robust and complete. Overall, using concrete to add a layer of exquisiteness to a garden is very simple, cost-effective, and also is a very dynamic option of exterior decoration.

There are many concrete suppliers who are available in the market and right from the beautification of the garden pavement to using whole concrete in your domestic landscape, you can contact them for multiple purposes. It is important to take the quotations from them and then assign them the task of concreting.

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