Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel

 I am going to admit something about the summer and myself. I LOVE summer, who doesn't. Outside activities, bike riding, s'more making, shorts, tank tops and flip flops. If you are like me and you love all of those things then you know that all of those thing come with upkeep. Especially the shorts, tank tops and flip flops. I can't tell you how many times, I am about to slip on shorts and run out the door with my girls before I get that quick last-minute thought. 

Did I shave my legs for this??? 

Anyone who has busy kids, who love the outdoors,  knows that patience is not on the priority list. Asking them to wait while you jump back in and take care of your legs is probably a big no. So when I received a little gift from Busy Beauty and realized it was showerless shave gel, I could not have been more excited.

Finally a product that helps out a busy gal.  What is the shave gel you ask? Well, it is a 3-in-1 pre-shave, shave and post-shave gel that you can use without water.

Worried about a dry shave and getting those nasty razor burn bumps - Stop worrying. This actually is perfect for sensitive skin and once you are done shaving you can rub the rest back into your skin so it can moisturize. 

Safe for the environment , alcohol, chemical and cruelty free plus 100% vegan makes this a guilt free indulgence. It is also TSA approved so if you are headed to the beach this summer you can keep your legs ready to go at all times.

I loved it, loved the smell of the Eucalyptus, clove, ginger, oat and tee tree  and the way it made my legs feel when I was done. 

* I was given product at no charge in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own**

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