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Few tips on how to clean your clear patio blinds

Oliva Wilson has some great ideas on how to clean your clear patio blinds. Blinds can be a challenge so check out these great tips.

Having clear patio blinds is definitely a privilege. They act as a protection from various natural elements, enhance the style and value of your home, give you the privacy that you desire, are extremely versatile and very easy to use. Due to their constant exposure to the environment, clear patio blinds can become dirty and this can also effect its durability.

Clear Patio Blinds

Here are a few tips on how you can clean your clear patio blinds:

  1. While cleaning both sides of the fabric present in the binds, using a soft cloth and water on a regular basis helps keep the fabric clean. You can use a hose occasionally, to clean the blinds with fresh cold water. An important thing to keep in mind is while rolling the blind up, you will need to ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry.

  1. Clear blinds can be exposed to both harsh rain and scorching sun. This can cause its PVC film to vent off and thus, over time, result in the blinds aging and also affecting its clarity. However, if the blinds are rolled up, then it becomes extremely important to unwind them and lay them down flat. This is to be done on a regular basis to help in extending the flexibility and clarity of its PVC films. It is recommended that the blinds be brought down for at least 48 hours at any one time.

  1. If the blinds are required to be rolled up for a long period, then they need to be drop down for an equal amount of time. This is necessary because long keeping the blinds rolled up for long periods leave the PVC film to emboss and leave roller markings.

  1. A cleaning regime surely will help to maintain the clarity of the blind to a certain degree, however, it must be noted that the all the blinds surfaces must not be exposed to chemical compounds which can damage the surface of the PVC. It has been found that neutral diluted detergents are the best method you can use to remove strains and marks from the clear patio blinds.

Clear Patio Blinds

Recommended cleaning process

You can use the following recommended cleaning processes:

  1. Use a cleaning cloth when wiping to avoid any scratches. You can use the same to remove any particles on the surface of the material.

  1. You must use a soft fabric cloth and diluted warm water based detergent solution (in the ratio of 1:10) to clean the blinds. 1 part detergent, 10 part water. This will ensure that the PVC isn’t damaged.

  1. Rinse the blinds completely with fresh water and then wipe with a dry soft, lint free cloth or you can use a sponge to take out the dirt and dust from the intricate portions of the blinds.

You will find cleaning agents that are commercially available for clear patio blinds. It is important to verify the quality of the products and the impact they have on the blinds and the PVC.

How To remove tough stains?
  1. You must mix a low concentration of household detergent in lukewarm water. The ration for this is 1:20, i.e. 1 part household detergent and 20 part lukewarm water. Ensure that the detergents do not have an solvents

  1. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the solution to the blinds. Once you have cleaned it, rinse off all the remaining residue with fresh, cold water.

Finally, if the household tricks do not work properly, then you can surely go through the guidelines given in the clear patio blinds user manual, or hire some specialists for ensuring a smooth maintenance of the entire set of clear patio blinds.

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