Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lighting Tips for Your Living Room

Diana Smith is on the blog today to share some fun tips on lighting your living room. Thanks Diana for the great tips.
Lighting is a vital part of home decor. You can’t have a pleasant atmosphere without proper illumination, which is why it’s important to know how to properly light up the place so you can enjoy your home. Considering the fact that your living room is the area where you spend most of the time with your family, try to incorporate various lighting options into the room. What’s more, the lighting influences the psychological connection a person builds with the room, so that’s one more reason to learn how to illuminate the room properly and enjoy the welcoming environment.

Liven up the room
Lighting fittings can instantly liven up the room, but only if you know which ones to choose for your living space. Those that can personalise your room and make a statement in your home are the best choice. Therefore, if you find a fitting that can draw attention to a certain room area by its lighting features and stylish design, you have a winner. You can mix classic and contemporary style of lights and experiment with different, unexpected places for your lighting fittings in order to make the space as unique as possible. Place some changeable LED lighting in uncommon areas of the room and you’ll instantly enliven the space. Moreover, different styles of architectural lighting can be a perfect alternative for previously used table lamps and recessed lights.

Incorporate proper ambient lighting
The living room is the place where you engage in various activities, which is why it’s crucial to have proper ambient lighting. It’ll introduce more brightness and illuminate the room just the way you need it to. The best way to incorporate ambient lighting is to introduce valance lighting and mount it high on the wall or above a window. You can also integrate a horizontal valance or a cove into the room’s structure. However, before you choose the illumination, you must think about the colours of your walls. Keep in mind that darker hues will absorb the light, while lighter colours will reflect it, making the room more luminous. Also, soffit lighting will perfectly wash the colours through recessed fittings that you’ll direct towards a wall.

Ideal lamps for the living room
If you want to add patterns and colours to your living room, consider investing in stylish and luminous lamps. Thanks to their shades and bases, the room will get the ever-needed layers of light. If you place them close to your reading corner, and go for LED lights, you’ll get that clean apothecary style with an adjustable lamp. If you’re going for a more formal look, think about placing a pair of matching lamps on the end tables. Use floor lamps in corners, and they’ll distribute the light wonderfully while not taking up too much space.

Add layers of light
Each lighting type provides a different feel, which is why you should try to layer the light appropriately. Place recessed lights above the chairs, coffee table, and sofa, and let the wall sconces form fascinating backdrops on the wall. When you think about task lighting, bear in mind that you need quality illumination, so you should consider installing track lighting over special spots. Make sure you hire a professional Sydney electrician who’ll install the fittings properly. The main advantage of layered lighting is that it eliminates all the shadows, so it’s a good idea to localise the source of light. Use a chandelier for general lighting, and you’ll also add a touch of chic to the living room.
Lighting creates a desired setting in the room and puts you in a particular mood, which is why it’s vital that you choose the right illumination for your living space. Incorporate proper ambient lighting, add layers of light, and choose lamps wisely to get the most pleasing setting in your home.


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